BTS' Jin's Hair Evolution Is Such A Beautiful Journey

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Can somebody please tell me how BTS manages to look handsome AF in absolutely everything and anything? Remember that time BTS put on a fashion show in an episode of their variety show, Run BTS!, and Jin made J-Hope dress up in an outfit that was pink from head to toe (and not to mention it was packed with layers of random jackets), and somehow, J-Hope still made it work? Yeah, I'm not kidding. BTS can make anything work, and whenever they attend an award show, they always make a fashion statement. Take Jin, for example. When BTS made their first appearance at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017, Jin made headlines for being the handsome "third member from the left." He just blew everyone away with his charms. Jin's appearance has changed a lot throughout the years, so I think it's time fans looked back on BTS' Jin's hair evolution because it's so worthwhile.

These hairstyles that you're about to look through have been taken from Jin's selfies throughout the time he's been with BTS. It was hard choosing just a few of Jin's most iconic hairstyles, because that man changes his hair all the damn time. I could have easily made a list of Jin's different hairstyles and colors for just 2019 alone, but that wouldn't be as fun, would it? Instead, here are 25 photos that show you BTS' Jin's hair evolution through the years.

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