Bryce Pretended He Cheated On Addison With Loren Gray & It Did NOT Go Over Well

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Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Easterling are a TikTok power couple, so when rumors spread he cheated on her just before Valentine's Day, fans were pissed. It all started on Feb. 12 when a paparazzi video surfaced online showed Hall holding hands with fellow TikToker Loren Gray. The clip caused fans to criticize the star for his actions, but after taking a closer look, they realized it had to be fake because he had a mic on the whole time. As it turns out, they were right because Bryce Hall's video pretending to cheat on Addison Rae with Loren Gray explains exactly what happened.

On Sunday, Feb. 14, Hall uploaded a video revealing his latest prank: Convincing everyone he cheated on Easterling. "This is either going to go really bad or I just pull off the prank of the century," the star said. "I feel like it's already put out into the world — at least to my haters — that I'm a cheating scumbag."

Hall said he chose Gray to help him because they've been friends for a long time and Easterling approved of her. He definitely chose right because Gray was just as excited to do the prank as him. "I'm going to be the most hated person on the internet," she joked.

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The two brought along their friend Kevin Wong, a member of the paparazzi, on their pretend date, and his footage turned out so convincing. Since he recorded them from a distance, the blurry video definitely seemed like something the paparazzi would film when they're trying to remain incognito. He captured them romantically feeding each other lunch and then holding hands.

Watch Hall's behind-the-scenes video below.

And here's the final result from Wong:

When Wong uploaded the clip on Feb. 12, a lot of fans were convinced it was real and called Hall a cheater. "I really thought he was loyal… let’s see how he’s gonna explain now," someone wrote in the comments section. "The panic I'm having," another fan wrote.

However, Hall forgot to hide his mic on his sweatshirt, which gave it away that the whole thing was a prank. Mega fail, Bryce!

Hall may have not broken the internet like he wanted, but I'm sure he's learned his lesson and will hide his mic next time.