Blake Lively's 'Gossip Girl' throwback Instagram is a trip back to 2007 style.

Blake Lively Posted A Throwback 'Gossip Girl' Pic On IG & Fans Are Losing It

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It's been 13 years since the world first saw Serena van der Woodsen arrive at Grand Central Station, and to commemorate the bizarre passage of time, Blake Lively shared a peek at those early Gossip Girl days with fans. The Upper East Side it-girl must have been feeling super nostalgic on Oct. 4, because Blake Lively's Gossip Girl cast Instagram is a major throwback to when the show was just getting started. If fans weren't begging for a reunion before, the cute new pic has everyone dying to see Serena, Blair, Dan, Chuck, and the rest of the GG gang together again.

Lively shared the vintage pic on Sunday, Oct. 4, which just so happened to be a couple weeks after the 13-year anniversary of Gossip Girl's premiere episode. Fittingly captioned "Class of '07," the throwback photo showed the show's cast as young actors rocking the classic, old-school Gossip Girl fashions while filming the first season. The photo shows Lively rocking Serena's prep-school look and holding hands with Leighton Meester, who is of course adorned with one of Blair's signature headbands. Fans also get an early look at Blair's similarly dressed minions, along with the show's male leads in their St. Jude's uniforms.

Once fans saw this flashback from the mid-aughts, they flooded Lively's comments with requests for a Gossip Girl reunion. While a reunion with the OG cast may not be in the works, there is a reboot on the horizon. HBO Max picked up a Gossip Girl reboot series from the teen show's original creative team, and it's due to premiere in 2021. The new show will serve as a sequel to the original, set eight years after the events of Gossip Girl's series finale. Although the reboot will have an entirely new cast, the show's executive producer Joshua Safran said the door is open for the original show's characters to make appearances, so there's hope for a glimpse at what everyone is up to today.

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Unfortunately, there's no exact date yet for the Gossip Girl reboot's premiere. The series was originally planned to begin at the start of 2020 to premiere this year, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, production was halted until October. With filming about to begin, fans can expect the sequel series to hit HBO Max sometime in 2021.