Fans love Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively for trolling each other on social media so much

LOL, Blake Lively Trolled Ryan Reynolds So Hard For Posting Too Much On IG

Steven Ferdman/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Honest question: When are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds not trolling each other on social media? Besides sending each other a lot of love on Instagram, Lively and Reynolds also throw each other a lot of shade (not shade shade, but, like, that quirky, I-wish-I-had-a-relationship-like-yours type of shade). You may remember the time Lively congratulated John Legend instead of her own husband for topping TIME's 100 Most Influential People list, or the time Reynolds shared "candid photos" of Lively for her birthday that were I-never-want-these-photos-to-see-the-light-of-day levels of embarrassing. Now, Blake Lively trolled Ryan Reynolds' Instagram etiquette and she did not hold back whatsoever.

It all started on Wednesday, Oct. 30, when Reynolds shared an infographic about VinePair's ranking of the "Top 10 Best Celebrity Spirits." The list came out on the same day that Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's new tequila launched, which apparently made Reynolds feel the need to share that he, in fact, had the best celebrity drink out there.

In his Instagram post, Reynolds wrote, "On the day of @therock’s much anticipated Teremana Tequila launch, I’d like to congratulate myself for winning @vinepair’s best tasting celebrity alcohol brand. See ya next year, DJ... Love, @aviationgin#Flex."

Of course, the internet thought it was hilarious, and even Johnson got in on the fun. Johnson commented, "Congrats brother," underneath Reynolds' post and also joked about using the wrong emojis.

Because Reynolds couldn't let his win go, he also shared the ranking on his Instagram Stories not once, but three times, and even drew arrows pointing to his name and face to make sure everyone knew he came out on top. Talk about being extra AF.

Lively, who is just as hilarious as her husband on the 'Gram, couldn't miss an opportunity to troll Reynolds for his social media usage.

On her Instagram Story, Lively wrote, "My husband has no chill," along with a screenshot of Reynolds' first post.


Lively then posted another screenshot, in which she called out how fast Reynolds posted a second post.


And she also shared a third screenshot with the caption, "... In case you missed it?"


Considering Lively shared the ranking as much as Reynolds did, wouldn't that make her guilty of oversharing, too? Or does the fact that it was an epic troll cancel out the triple-post? LOL. Maybe this was Reynolds' plan all along? Share the post repeatedly until your wife calls you out and then get her to unintentionally give you more promo for your victory. It's genius, really.