Blackfriars Priory School's New Statue Paints A Pretty Awkward Picture


I'm not an artist. In fact, the only class I ever got a C in when I was in college was "Basic Painting." I'd like to think that this was because the teacher had a personal vendetta against me, but realistically, it was because I sucked. I would see such a beautiful image for what I wanted to create in my head, and then, I would try to make it a reality, and it would just look nothing like that picture in my head. And you know, I would have to imagine the sculptor who created Blackfriars Priory School's new statue knows exactly the feeling I'm talking about here.

Let me give you some backstory: Basically, Blackfriars Priory School is a catholic school in Adelaide, Australia, that decided to bring on a new religious statue for its campus. The statue was supposed to depict St. Martin de Porres presenting bread to a little boy, according to Yahoo! 7 News. This was reportedly intended to be an innocent representation of St. Martin de Porres' miracles in multiplying food. Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as planned when they revealed the statue. You see, the loaf of bread was... um... let's just say the loaf was unfortunately placed in relation to the saint and the little boy.

See what I mean? Yeah, it's pretty awkward.

Yahoo 7 News reports that a picture of the statue showed up on "sh*tadelaide," an Instagram account, and so far, over 3,000 people have liked the image. It was posted along with a caption that read,

The post also got tons of comments, including this one that makes a pretty fair point:

While the sh*tadelaide Instagram account continues to regularly post pictures of the original statue with random inanimate objects photoshopped in place of the loaf of bread (literally everything ranging from a Subway sandwich to a deflated balloon), the original statue has been covered by a black sheath in real life.

The school's principal, Simon Cobiac, has since taken to the school's Facebook page to explain what exactly happened and how the school was planning on dealing with the situation moving forward:

So, I guess this incident is just a lesson for everyone in knowing that the real-life version of things aren't always as great as the ideas they stem from.

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