Billy From 'Stranger Things' Audition Tape Proves He's The Perfect Person For The Role


One of the chief delights of the first season of Stranger Things was seeing Nancy's jock bully boyfriend, Steve, mature from your classic King-Of-The-School jerk to an actual hero. But with that change in character came a loss in the casting line up: There was no longer a school bully to fill that niche. So for Season 2, the Duffers wrote in a new "King of the School," California transplant Billy, with a determination not to let him grow nice this time. And sure enough, Dacre Montgomery's "Billy" audition tape for Stranger Things Season 2 showed he was guaranteed to stay the bad guy.

The character of Billy is a divisive one with fans who at this point have gotten used to characters growing more likable as the series goes on. Despite a twist late in the season that certainly explains Billy's abusive behavior towards his sister, and a turn showing up at the Byers' house during the climax of shutting down the Upside Down, much like the untimely arrival of Steve to that same house last season, Billy was denied character growth.

He's still against his sister dating Lucas for no reason we can surmise. And he's only staying in line in the epilogue because if he didn't, Max threatened to go full "dad" on his... lower half, shall we say?

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But for all that, he's also hot (despite the mullet wig he's wearing.) And apparently that was a major consideration when Montgomery auditioned.

Check out the entire thing below:

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It wasn't just the Duffers who saw the video either. According to Dacre, the entire video was deemed so hilarious, it got passed around the offices at Netflix. he found out later it was even played at a big board meeting. (We assume to discuss the directions of characters for the new season?)

Montgomery says he doesn't regret it one bit. He says even if it hadn't worked, he'd do it again in a heartbeat.

Wait, he's done other audition tapes like this one, for other projects? And these tapes are out there somewhere for us to watch? Clearly, there needs to be a "Dacre's Most Awesome Audition Tapes" channel on YouTube pronto. In fact, I think I might just have found something that would make me consider paying for YouTube Red.