Billie Eilish Got So Real About Her Feelings On The Recent Abortion Bans

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A lot of celebs are weighing in on the recent abortion bans that have taken over the news cycle as of late. And now it’s Billie Eilish’s turn to share her thoughts on the matter. The 17-year-old pop sensation rarely holds back when it comes to voicing her opinions, and this time, it’s absolutely no different. Billie Eilish’s comments about the recent abortion bans are exactly what you’d expect from the singer.

In a recent interview with Variety, Eilish was prompted to give her thoughts on the recent abortion bans that have gone into effect in states like Alabama and Georgia and may even make their way to Missouri. Eilish responded with, “I have no words for the bitches in the f*cking White House.”

While Eilish seemed at a loss for words at first, she soon elaborated on how she feels about what’s going on right now politically.

“It’s so unbelievable. It makes me, like, red. It makes my ears f*cking steam out of my head. Women should say, should do, and feel, and be exactly what they want. There should be nobody else telling them how to live their life, how to do sh*t. … It just makes me so mad that if I start talking about it, I won’t stop. Men should not make women’s choices — that’s all I have to say,” Eilish explained.

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Eilish’s comments on the recent abortion bans definitely strike a chord, and she’s certainly not the only celeb speaking out. But it’s great to see such a young star get involved and make sure her voice is heard.

This, of course, isn’t the first time Eilish has spoken out about the recent state of politics. Back in March 2018, just a month after the mass school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Eilish opened up about how she sympathized with the students who spoke out about the incident.

“Can you imagine being a teenage girl, and going to school and watching your friends die in front you at the hands of a kid you knew? And then you speak out about it and have half the country hating you and sending you death threats?” Eilish said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “But seeing girls standing up for themselves and saying what they mean when some ugly old white dude is trying to tear them down is amazing,” she added.

Just six months later, in September 2018, Eilish teamed up with Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to encourage young people to vote.

"As young people we have to own and use our power to make a difference. When we go into the voting booth, it's about deciding who will lead America into the future," Eilish said of the initiative at the time.

So, even though Eilish is still just a teenager, she seems acutely aware of the platform she has and how she should use it. And that’s a great thing, especially at a time when young people are looking to celebs more often for some perspective on politics.