'Big Mouth's Spinoff 'Human Resources' is coming to Netflix

OMG, 'Big Mouth' Is Getting A Spinoff That's All About The Hormone Monsters


The latest season of Big Mouth has only just dropped on Netflix, but already fans can look forward to a spinoff of the hit animated series. Big Mouth's spinoff Human Resources will be about the hormone monsters, which sounds like exactly the raunchy comedy fans need. The new show will be set in the world of monsters that control human life, which audiences got to see in a Season 2 episode of Big Mouth, and will expand that world into a full series.

Big Mouth's creator and star, Nick Kroll, announced the new spinoff series at a New York Comic-Con panel on Oct. 3. During the panel, Kroll explained, "So there was a question earlier about Monster World, and if we’re going to do more of that, and we’re actually going to do a lot more than that. It’s a workplace comedy that takes place in the world of the monsters … about the monsters and creatures and everything else that manages people.”

Season 3 of Big Mouth was just released on Netflix on Oct. 4, and there's plenty more where that came from; it'll officially get three more seasons. The hit series follows a group of middle schoolers as they face the horrors of puberty with humor and the occasional song. The hormone monsters (voiced by Kroll, Maya Rudolph, and others) guide the kids through life, but Human Resources world introduced in Season 2 showcased a whole bunch of other monsters, such as ones that control DNA, depression, and shame. So, there will be a whole lot for Human Resources to cover.

While Big Mouth focuses on the inner lives of tweens, Kroll is looking forward to expanding the focus to people of all ages with Human Resources. Kroll said, "We are incredibly excited to tell a lot of different kinds of stories, not just about puberty, but of all the different stories of life.”

Human Resources will have the same creative team as Big Mouth, which was co-created by Kroll and his childhood best friend Andrew Goldberg. The series is partially based on their own experiences growing up, with some surrealistic additions like hormone monsters and celebrity ghosts. They produce the show alongside Mark Levin and Jennifer Flackett. The voice cast of Big Mouth reads like a who's who of comedy all-stars, including Kroll, Rudolph, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas, Fred Armisen, and Jordan Peele. There's no word yet on the cast of Human Resources, and fans might not get more details for a while since production on the spinoff isn't set to begin until after work on Big Mouth Season 5 finishes.

This season on Big Mouth, there's a new female hormone monster voiced by Thandie Newton, of Westworld fame. It's possible she could be just one of a whole bunch of new monsters who will appear on Human Resources. Fans will just have to sit tight until it's time to meet all of them when the new series premieres on Netflix in the future.

The first three seasons of Big Mouth are available on Netflix now.