You Can Finally Hear Beyoncé's Voice In The New 'Lion King' Trailer


Disney fans have gotten a few sneak peeks at the new Lion King remake in bits and pieces over the last few months. There was the first trailer that was released last November, which faithfully recreated the original 1994 animated movie trailer. And then fans got to see portraits of the main characters in new posters. But all along, one key piece of the movie has remained an elusive mystery in all the marketing materials. That is, it's remained a mystery until now. After fans have waited months to see or hear even a small piece of her involvement in the movie, Beyoncé's voice is finally in the new Lion King trailer.

The 30-second promo gives fans a whole lot of Beyoncé, since her voice as Nala makes up the majority of the trailer's soundtrack. It begins with her saying Simba's name and then convincing him to return to his home of Pride Rock. The trailer is very appropriately titled "Come Home." It's a familiar scene to anyone who knows and loves the original Lion King, but it's made all the more exciting when Beyoncé is saying those iconic lines. After keeping Beyoncé from fans for all these months, Disney gave fans a real treat by making her the star of this new trailer. You can check it out for yourself below:

The new trailer isn't the only bit of Beyoncé-meets-Lion King content fans have been treated to recently. According to People, Beyoncé recently visited the “A Journey to the Pride Lands” event in honor of The Lion King. Beyoncé's Instagram post from Sunday shows a series of photos of her in full feline attire, along with her 7-year-old daughter Blue Ivy Carter decked out in a Lion King-themed outfit. There's even a video of Beyoncé and Blue Ivy jamming out to "The Circle of Life," which could possibly be the cutest video ever.

As soon as the Beyoncé-heavy promo dropped, fans everywhere rushed to bow down to the queen of the animal kingdom (and the queen of the human world too, let's be real).

The new trailer just features Beyoncé speaking, but the real excitement will come when fans get to hear Beyoncé singing in The Lion King for the first time. According to The Sun UK, Beyoncé and Elton John collaborated on a new song for Nala, which will debut in the new movie. Elton John wrote the original soundtrack of The Lion King, along with Tim Rice, so this new song is sure to embody the spirit of the movie's original music. In addition, Beyoncé will be singing the classic Lion King love song "Can You Feel the Love Tonight." The only thing better than old school Disney tunes is hearing one of the greatest stars of ever sing them. So it's an understatement to say that Beyoncé in The Lion King is kind of a big deal.

You can hear even more of Beyoncé as Nala when The Lion King opens in theaters on July 19, 2019.