Ben & Jerry's Released 2 New Vegan Flavors Including Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

As you probably know, Ben & Jerry's has made it possible for vegan ice cream lovers to indulge in frozen dessert. Throughout the years, the company has unveiled a variety of non-dairy pints for customers to enjoy — and the collection is equally as delicious as its dairy counterpart (trust me, I've tried almost all of it). Believe it or not, the company recently added even more non-dairy options to its vegan collection, and I'm super stoked about them. Once you find out about Ben & Jerry's new vegan ice cream flavors, you'll probably be excited, too. Grab a spoon and read on.

On Tuesday, Feb. 12, Ben & Jerry's announced that Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough — yes, the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough — was added to the vegan pint collection. I'm not kidding, everyone! If you like Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream as much as I do, this is BIG news. Now, non-dairy ice cream lovers can indulge in the fan-favorite flavor. Thankfully, it doesn't seem like too much has changed between the original dairy pint and the vegan option. According to a press release by Ben & Jerry's, the vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough still includes fudge flakes and "gobs" of chocolate chip cookie dough. However, the ingredients aren't mixed into vanilla ice cream. Instead, they're mixed into an almond milk base.

Sarah Fidler, a Flavor Guru at Ben & Jerry's, talked about the newly-vegan flavor in a press release. She said, "Ever since we introduced Non-Dairy in 2016, our fans have been clamoring for more. The biggest challenge this time was creating a chocolate chip cookie dough flavor that stood up to the original. I think we nailed it."

Ben & Jerry's

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough isn't the only new vegan-certified option that Ben & Jerry's added to its non-dairy roster. In fact, the company created a brand new flavor just for non-dairy customers — and it's called Chocolate Caramel Cluster. The new flavor was released on Feb. 12 alongside the non-dairy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and it sounds just as appetizing. In fact, I'll have a pint of each, please.

By the looks of it, Chocolate Caramel Cluster seems perfect for anyone who's craving a salty-and-sweet treat. Per Ben & Jerry's, the flavor features a creamy chocolate "frozen dessert" base with fudge chunks, peanuts, and salted caramel swirls mixed into it. As someone who loves dessert with a touch of salt, I'm all for it.

Ben & Jerry's

If you're wondering when these pints will be available, I have great news for you. According to Ben & Jerry's, the two new vegan options are currently available nationwide — and you can buy each one for a suggested retail price of $4.48 to $5.99. In other words, make room in your freezer for non-dairy dessert.

If you're interested in other vegan pints that Ben & Jerry's has to offer, go ahead and check them out on the company's website. There's currently 11 non-dairy options, and they all seem delicious. Who knows, maybe Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough or Chocolate Caramel Cluster will be your new favorite of the bunch.