Bella Hadid's New Hair Is Icier Than My Cold, Dark Heart

by Kelsi Zimmerman
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Blonde hair? For winter? It actually is kind of groundbreaking. While many tend to go for darker hair hues during the colder months, some people opt for light, icy shades to match the ice and snow outside and Bella Hadid's new blonde hair proves she's not afraid of a little winter chill. On Tuesday, Dec. 10, the 23-year-old posted pics of her new platinum blonde locks on her Instagram — but the time stamps on the photos has followers wondering if this is a long-term hair color or just a brief wintry changeup.

As it turns out, Bella's icy new look might have served as a quick hair transformation during her shoot for the Alexander Wang Collection 1 campaign. The model posted an outtake from the campaign shoot to her Instagram feed in which she traded in her signature brown hair for an icy blonde look. In the outtake she posted for the campaign, launching in 2020, she paired the new 'do with a white blazer, white trousers, Alexander Wang bra and undies, and posed with a white cat.

Hadid then took to her Instagram Story to give followers a glimpse of some behind-the-scenes action from the shoot. She posted a video dated Nov. 2, 2019, and in it, she was sporting a black turtle neck and obviously basking in her new icy locks.

Courtesy of Instagram/@bellahadid

In the weeks between the shoot and when Hadid posted the images, fans saw the model return to her signature chocolatey brown locks, so it's clear that the blonde was not here to stay. And considering that's such a drastic hair transformation for one photo shoot, I can't help but wonder if Hadid's blonde stint was a wig or the real deal.

While Hadid is typically rocking a warm shade of brunette year round, she isn't afraid to sport a wig when the mood strikes (or when the campaign calls for it). In fact, she's rocked a wig quite a few times in 2019. For Halloween 2019, the model wore a black pixie cut wig, and a few months earlier she opted for a chocolatey brown pixie wig for the 2019 Met Gala.

Courtesy of Instagram/@bellahadid

Whether it's a wig or she had in fact bleached her hair for this shoot, I'm a major fan of the platinum blonde hue and would love to see Hadid keep the ice-blonde hair around for more than just a day.

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