There's Nothing Sweeter Than Bath & Body Works' New Valentine's Day Collection

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Cupid's bow is poised and at the ready, which means it's time for some love. Be it romantic love, friend love, or self love, there are a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings to celebrate as Valentine's Day approaches. No matter how you plan on enjoying the holiday, you'll want to scoop up some of Bath & Body Work's Valentine's Day collection to make the most of it. The line features decadent scents, sweet candles, and notes of wine to top it all off. Delicious? A million percent yes.

After the brand opened its Bake Shop on Jan. 18, it released 14 new scents that you might have a hard time not buying... and also not eating? Fragrances like Strawberry Pound Cake, Coconut Cream Pie, and Chocolate Covered Cherry are just a few of the scents about to take over your counter space. You can score these indulgent scents in pretty much every Bath & Body Works, category from candle to shower gel to moisturizer.

Bath & Body Works has also made it easier than ever to shop for gifts for everyone in your life. As a self-declared bad gift giver, the retailer's Cupid-Approved Shop is a godsend for me. With Most-Loved, For Him, and For Your Galentine sections, you don't even have think too much when picking out Valentine's Day treats for your loved ones. But, in case you're in need of a little extra help, below are some of the can't-miss products from the Bath & Body Works Valentine's Day line.

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Why give someone just one product when you can give them four — with the wrapping already done? The Champagne Toast Gift Set ($33, Bath & Body Works) comes with a body cream, fragrance mist, hand soap, and hand cream.

There's just something about having a glass of red wine while relaxing that just hits the spot, and the Black Cherry Merlot Shower Gel ($15, Bath & Body Works) is just what the doctor ordered. The shower gel's formula includes vitamin E and aloe to create a super nourishing blend that won't dry out your skin.

The Chocolate Covered Cherry Mist ($16, Bath & Body Works) is the perfect scent for setting the Valentine's Day mood. "Chocolate Covered Cherry smells like a sweet boozy cherry, mixed with chocolate. It is strong and long lasting on the skin," one five-star review read. "This is a different and beautiful new scent. I am obsessed. It smells even better layered with the shower gel and body cream."

Nothing say love like Shania Twain's hit song "You're Still the One," and you can bring all those amazing warm fuzzies you get while listening to it to your skin. The You're The One Body Cream ($17, Bath & Body Works) boasts a delicious-smelling mixture of rose, winter woods, and strawberry nectar, combining to create a subtle floral and fruity aroma.

If there's one iconic Valentine's Day candy that's remained a staple of the holiday since, well, all of our childhoods, it's candy hearts. The sweet message adorning the treat is mimicked in the Candy Hearts 3-Wick Candle's ($15, Bath & Body Works) super sweet name and smell.

While you're dotting your living room and shower with candles and gels, don't forget the sink counter, too. You'll want to make sure your go-to hand soap is a scent you'll enjoy smelling often and carrying around all day. The Crisp Morning Air Hand Soap ($8, Bath & Body Works) will fill your bathroom with gorgeous notes of pine, juniper, and pear.

If Feb. 14 isn't the time to light a "Let Love Rule" candle, I don't know when is. This single-wick candle alone has 25 to 45 hours of burn time, so you'll get to enjoy the Raspberry Tangerine ($15, Bath and Body Works) scent until the first flowers of spring bloom.

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