OMG, Bath & Body Works Just Dropped Over 150 New Products

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I don't consider it ~officially~ spring until I know the latest spring products and fragrances have hit the shelves at Bath & Body Works. Thankfully, the season has finally turned, because Bath & Body Works dropped over 150 new products for spring 2020, including eight brand-new fragrances, tons of new moisturizing products, and so much more. Everything is blooming now over on the Bath & Body Works website.

As if every scent Bath & Body Works dreams up isn't delicious enough, the new spring-focused fragrances just blew everything else out of the water. One new floral-heavy fragrance is Perfect Peony, a fresh, airy combination of peony (obviously), natural apple oil, and vanilla sandalwood. Available as an eau de parfum, as well as a body lotion, bubble bath, body wash, and more, Perfect Peony screams, "I'd rather be frolicking carefree through a field of flowers." And TBH, wouldn't we all?

Other exciting new fragrances include the scents Serenity and Inspire from the brand's Aromatherapy collection. Serenity is a blend of marigold oil, rose oil, and magnolia oil, and according to Bath & Body Works' website, "marigold oil reduces negativity, rose oil inspires connection, and magnolia oil eases concerns." Inspire, on the other hand, is a mix of violet, sandalwood, and eucalyptus meant to inspire confidence, promote inner strength, and clear the mind.

In addition to all the newness, the brand resurrected some retired fragrances and gave some classic staples a spring packaging makeover. Night Blooming Jasmine, Fresh Gardenia, Blackberry & Basil, and Vanilla Bean have made a swift comeback, while classic fragrances Black Cherry Merlot and Champagne Toast's new stunning spring packaging will spruce up every corner of your bathroom. Even more, fan-favorite fragrance Fresh Cut Lilacs is now available in a multitude of body care products.

If you're in desperate need of a body care restock, peep some must-buys below and see all the newness on Bath & Body Works' website.

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