Bath & Body Works Just Dropped Over 30 New Scents As A Mid-Winter Treat

Francis Dean/Corbis News/Getty Images

Ever wonder what a daydream smells like? As long as winter hasn't clogged your nose, not only can you find out, but you can smell like a daydream, too. On Wednesday Jan. 22, Bath & Body Works launched 32 new fragrances, and it's going to snap you out of your mid-winter blues. Scents vary from Confetti Cake Pop to Rainbow Daydream to Saltwater Breeze, to name a few, so all aroma needs are considered. To sweeten the deal, the new fragrances are available now on Bath & Body Works' website with a buy three, get three free sale, so you can integrate the new fragrances into every part of your life.

Are you missing the warm days of sitting outside during brunch with friends? Try Peach Sunset. Packaged to look like a marvelous afterglow, the fragrance mixes notes of peaches, pink prosecco, and blonde woods to bring you back to simpler times of sitting in the sun and eating pancakes with friends. If you prefer a more beach-y scent to invoke memories of sand-filled days, Atlantic blends coastal citrus, sea mist, and clean woods. There's even a perfect fragrance for picnics — Gingham (freesia, clementine, violet petals) — or a more confectionery aroma like Confetti Cake Pop.

Beyond the complicated decision of picking out what your signature scent is (and if you need any help, check out this article), Bath & Body Works launched the new fragrances in a selection of different products. Perfume, body cream, fragrance and shimmer mists, shower gel, and more insure that you can smell like Japanese Cherry Blossom head to toe, all day. The release even includes aromatherapy so your house can smell good, too. The brand really thought of it all.

Scents have been said to improve mood, reduce stress, and affect self-confidence, so there's nothing like a bright, new fragrance to snap you out of any seasonal rut. Reinvigorate your skincare with these springtime smells. See below for a sampling of the scents you won't be able to stop thinking about, and before you know it, it will be spring.