Don't Mind Me, Just Jingling All The Way To Bath & Body Works For 60% Off Christmas Candles

Courtesy of Bath & Body Works

Maybe it's dramatic to say your ideal way of dying would involve being smothered by a truckload of everything in Bath & Body Works' Christmas Collection. And if that's the case, then hello, nice to meet you. I'm dramatic. What can I say? When whiffs of Fresh Balsam, Twisted Peppermint, and Vanilla Bean Noel (you intoxicating devil, you), swirl around in your brain the way a particularly potent surge of dopamine might, pardon me if I'm not exactly rational.

Drawing you in since 12-year-old you and your friends made a beeline for the scent-filled store, clutching the $20 bill your parents gave you for dear life, Bath & Body Works is back with a full roster of iconic Christmas-related scents — and some newbies — so delectable, you'll be hard pressed not to squirt the body care right into your mouth or take a bite out of a three-wick candle. (If you say you haven't thought about either one at least once, you're lying.) As if you needed more tempting, you can get 20% off your purchase with the code HOLIDAYPREP until Friday, Nov. 8, and three-wicks are currently $10 off. That's a potential 60% savings on all the three-wick candles you can carry in one sitting.

Among the holiday scent lineup is the iconic Vanilla Bean Noel, whose notes of vanilla bean and marshmallow fluff, as briefly alluded to above, will lure you into its inescapable clutches like a Venus flytrap does with its prey. And then, there's Frosted Coconut Snowball, in which notes of coconut, vanilla, winter freesia, and snow-kissed woods combine to mimic the smell of a frosty wood I'd gladly risk hypothermia to skip through. Into The Night, a scent new to the brand this year, combines berries, jasmine, and amber for a crisp yet sultry scent you'll fall hard for. And, lest we forget, there's Twisted Peppermint, which smells like, well, exactly what you think it does.

No matter your scent preferences — sweet, crisp, Christmas-y, or otherwise — there's at least one, if not multiple fragrances and products that'll have you ready to spend the holidays together (yes, that soon). Maybe you're not ready for a truckload of three-wick candles to consume you, but I guarantee you're ready for the rush of dopamine a BBW holiday haul will give you.

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