Barack Obama and Michelle Obama standing for the American national anthem
Barack & Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day Body Language Is Strong As Ever
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Barack and Michelle Obama are as beloved a couple as it gets, and you better believe they were not about to miss the inauguration of their good friend President (!!) Joe Biden. These two always show up as a united front, and today was no exception. Barack and Michelle Obama's Inauguration Day 2021 body language was strong as ever. They took their place outside the Capitol alongside the Bushes, the Clintons, the Harris and Emhoff families, and, of course, the Bidens, in addition to several other politicians and guests (including Lady Gaga, boyfriend Michael Polansky, Jennifer Lopez, and Alex Rodriguez).

As always, the former president and first lady did not come to play. Michelle stunned in burgundy Sergio Hudson trousers, a turtleneck, and coat with a gold statement belt, per Glamour. Barack's look was also classically elegant; he rocked a long black coat. They both wore matching black face masks.

Elite Daily spoke to Patti Wood, body language expert and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, about what Barack and Michelle's Inauguration Day body language says about their current relationship dynamic. Here's what she had to say. (Spoiler alert: It's still strong as ever.)

Their Strong And Steady Hand Clasp Shows A Consistent Connection
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Wood says Barack and Michelle's steady hand clasp while they descended the stairs is a strong indicator of the connection between them. It was consistent throughout their arrival to the Capitol, and as they approached the platform.

It's Clear This Isn't Their First Rodeo
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One important thing Wood notes about this photo is how stepping out onto the platform makes the Obamas vulnerable to potential attacks. "I train all branches of law enforcement body language and psychological assessment of risk," says Wood. "This would have been to anyone both a terrifying and noble moment." Nevertheless, Wood sees no signs of fear in the couple. "This makes all the warm, positive moments more powerful."

It's clear this is not the Obamas' first rodeo. Wood points to how close they're standing, and how both their arms are down and close to their sides. Matching strides and mirroring body language is always a sign of a strong connection between a couple. Barack and Michelle couldn't be more aligned.

They Look Confident And Strong
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Wood says Michelle's choice in wardrobe was powerful, making her resemble a super hero that looks "so strong and confident." (Truth!) She also points to the fact that the Obamas are still holding hands and stepping down the stairs perfectly in sync. "What I noticed in the first few minutes of watching them is how close they walked and stood with one another — always in sync and in contact."

This Fist-Bump Moment Is Special In More Ways Than One
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According to Wood, there are several reasons this photo is both "magical" and "unique." She points to Barack and Michelle's matching posture, and how in-sync they are with their closed fist-bump greetings. Matching postures in couples is always a good sign the two are on the same page. Wood also points to the similarities between this moment, and the iconic fist-bump the couple gave each other back in 2008, when Barack accepted the Democratic nomination for president. "I also like how Michelle is leaning her head forward to make the greeting more connected and personal," says Wood.

All in all, Barack and Michelle came to serve and they did not disappoint. Absolutely — and I cannot stress this enough — love to see it.