Ashlyn Harris & Ali Krieger's Body Language Is Swoon-worthy

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Even though their wedding took place three days after Christmas, Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger's big day was just the kind of holiday magic that makes this season so bright. The happy couple were wed on Dec. 28 in a ceremony at Miami's Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, according to People. And if Ashlyn Harris and Ali Krieger's body language in their wedding photos is any indication of how the day went, it was a romantic dream come true.

Harris and Krieger met as teammates on the U.S. National Soccer Team in 2010, but kept their relationship quiet until March 2019 when they confirmed their engagement to People. They initially chose to keep their relationship private for professional reasons, as well as concerns about how fans and their peers would react. “You’re always fearful of that — you never know how people are going to react, and you might lose fans, or lose respect,” Harris told People. But all that changed by the time the two headed down the aisle.

Prior to the wedding, Harris told People that she and Krieger were excited about the visibility of their wedding and the positive impact their marriage could have on people's hearts and minds. “I’m so excited to have this type of platform to have this type of visibility to be seen as a gay couple and it be accepted and it be important,” said Harris. And there's definitely no denying the power and beauty of the love these two share in their wedding photos. But to really get a better sense of the couple's dynamic on their wedding day, Elite Daily reached out to body language expert Yana German, and Traci Brown, body language expert and author of Persuasion Point: Body Language and Speech for Influence, for their takes on the wedding photos. Here's what they see.

Their Connection Is Powerful And Loving.


Brown is immediately struck and impressed by the intimacy the couple is openly sharing in this moment. “They’re as close as you can get here!” she tells Elite Daily. “The neck is an intimate area and they’re both almost nuzzling in.”

Everything about the way these two are dancing shows how intense and equal Harris and Krieger's connection is, German tells Elite Daily. “It shows not only love, but power in both of them. How they hold their spines straight and neither of them is slouching is a strong indication of independence, of personal space, respect, and yet love and admiration for each other,” she explains. “The way they are also holding their hands indicates that there is no superiority in this relationship, it is based on equality from both sides.”

They Have A Great Time Just Being Together.


In this second image, Brown sees a couple that just enjoys and is comfortable in one another's company. “Ali is really into what Ashlyn is saying and having fun with it. Their shoulders are angled toward each other so they’re fully focused on each other, That’s what we’d hope to see at their wedding!” she says.

German agrees that these two feel very at home and safe with one another. “Both of the partners look like they love and enjoy life, [and] that for them this union means simply living life to the fullest and in the moment. They are not afraid to reveal themselves in their movement which means they stay true to themselves and sincere about how they feel about things. They won't need any filters to speak what's on their mind,” she explains.

They Are One Another’s Rocks.


In this final image, Brown points out how, despite being in a group, Harris and Krieger still have a private connection. “Ashlyn is more in control of Ali — see how Ashlyn’s hand is on Ali’s face pulling her in? She’s responding with her hand around Ashlyn’s waist. But no matter who’s in control, they’re both into it. Ali’s hand is all the way around Ashlyn,” Brown says.

German also notes the give and take in the couple's body language and explains how it reflects on the dynamic of love and support they have for one another. “The embrace shows compassion and tenderness in how they feel for each other,” adds German. “There is no leader in this relationship; they're both equally allowing themselves to be reveal their weakness and strength. If one partner will be needing support, the other one will come to the rescue and vice versa.”

Overall, German has high hopes for this couple, saying their body language throughout the images bode well for them. “They are both extremely solid and committed to making this relationship work,” she concludes. In other words, they continue to be relationship goals.

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