Ariana Grande Called Out The Grammys On Twitter After Mac Miller Lost


Mac Miller may be gone, but he certainly isn’t forgotten. The late rapper who passed away in September 2018 was nominated for a Grammy tonight, but sadly, he lost out to Cardi B. And his ex-girlfriend Ariana Grande was not happy about it at all. Grande took to Twitter to express her frustration at Miller's loss in now-deleted tweets, and what she had to say was pretty controversial. Ariana Grande's tweets about Mac Miller's Grammy loss highlight just how much Miller meant to the singer.

In the since-deleted tweets, Grande reacted strongly to Miller's loss in the Best Rap Album category.

"Bullsh*t," she wrote in one tweet, followed by "F*ck" and finally, "Trash."

Needless to say, Grande was pretty upset. Mac Miller was nominated for Best Rap Album for his fifth studio album Swimming. This was his very first Grammy nomination and likely his only chance at ever winning a Grammy (unless there are unreleased tracks that could be up for awards at a later date). So, it's easy to see why Grande was upset by the fact that he lost out to Cardi.

In later tweets, which have now been deleted, Grande began responding to fans to clarify what she meant by her earlier tweets.

In response to a fan who said Grande was't upset with Cardi for winning, Grande said, "nothing to do w her. good for her. i promise. i'm sorry." When another fan suggested that Cardi was "trash," Grande stepped in to say that she didn't think so. "She's not at all and that's not what i meant and u know that," Grande wrote.

Grande further clarified her earlier tweets by responding to a fan who put the whole thing into perspective by explaining that the Grammy's invited Miller's family to the ceremony, but didn't bother to give him an award. "This. this is what i meant. karen was gonna have a green suit made," Grande said.

Miller's family was invited to the awards ceremony and was prepared to accept the Grammy in the event that Miller won. Obviously, an invitation to the Grammys doesn't necessarily mean that an artist will win. Even so, Miller's fans are upset that Miller didn't win and it seems that Grande is feeling the same exact way, hence her tweets.

In her tweets, Grande also revealed that Miller slept in the studio while he was working on the album, which only emphasizes the fact that Miller worked extra hard for his album to be good.

According to E! News, Miller's mother Karen Meyer attended the ceremony with Cazzie David, who just so happens to be Pete Davidson's ex-girlfriend. As you probably already know, Davidson is Grande's ex, which made fans wonder about the friendship. E! also reported that David and Meyer became friends after David reached out to express her condolences after Miller's death, which is how the friendship began. In any case, Miller's family was at the Grammys ready to accept an award on his behalf. It just didn't happen to go their way, which is unfortunate.

Obviously, these last months have been quite an emotional roller coaster for the family. It’s touching that they came together to honor Miller at the Grammys, even if he didn't win. I’m sure the support of fans, family, and friends has helped them get through some of the tougher moments. One thing’s for sure, though: Miller’s impact on the music industry will never be forgotten and his posthumous Grammy nomination proves just that.