Fans Think This Clue On Instagram Means The Jonas Brothers Are Getting Back Together

by Jamie LeeLo
Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We already knew 2018 had to be better than 2017, but this latest news is almost too good. Fans think the Jonas Brothers are getting back together thanks to this one big clue on Instagram. Mainly, their group account is back up and running, and that can only mean one thing, right? RIGHT?! Hello, Kevin? How's the family? Can you confirm that you will be joining your brothers back in the music industry? FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, KEVIN, TELL US SOMETHING!

The famous brothers broke up their band in 2013, shattering hearts across the globe. At the time, the boys said they felt limited as musicians, and couldn't agree on the direction of the band. Since then, they've all gone their separate, albeit supportive, ways. Obviously, Nick Jonas pulled to the front of the pack with his successful solo career, and even recently starred in the movie Jumanji. (For some reason.) Kevin had a few kids and got married, and Joe joined the band DNCE as lead vocalist. Now, the Jonas Brothers Instagram account seems to have come back from the dead, and fans are losing it.

With over 100 thousand followers, the account is indeed active. However, the latest post still is a picture of the boys performing in Boston in 2013. There are no new updates, stories, or images at this time, but obviously something must be coming, right?

Back in 2015, Joe said a reunion was never out of the question. He told PrideSource it could "easily happen." When discussing if he would ever collaborate with his brothers again musically, he added, "I would say so."

He said,

Nick and I have a few ideas to work with other artists who we really like. There are a couple of artists out there that we think are really incredible that we'd like to work together with.

He also said that despite their decision to break up as a group, they're still family. He also talked about potential to get back together in the future:

... There's always down the road. We don't really ever wanna say never to anything just because there could be something that comes along our way that we might say, 'You know, let's try working on this song together.' It's tough to say that we'll never do it because who knows.


Something tells me a lot of the weight lies in the hands of Nick, who has arguably soared in the limelight the most since the split. Nick also initiated the band's breakup in the first place. When the group first called things off, Nick told Good Morning America,

We're family first, and that's always been our main priority, and so honesty within what we do as a group was really important. I came to the table with the guys just before we were prepping to leave for tour, and I shared my heart with them, my feelings... In a nutshell, I said, ‘Look, I feel like we've had some complications within the group for a long time without addressing them. I think this train will fall off the tracks without really getting real about some of the concerns and some of the limitations that we may feel as individuals in the group.' It was a tough conversation… It was the first time we really had that real conversation. It was a few days of working through it.

But that was then, and this is now. And now, the Jonas Brothers Instagram account is back.

Time will tell, so we'll be here, holding our breath, guys.

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