Shawn Mendes Posted A Photo Of Hailey Baldwin & Fans Are Convinced They're Dating

by Jamie LeeLo
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Pics or didn't happen, right? A new photo of Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin surfaced on his Instagram account on Tuesday, April 3, and it has everyone freaking out. What does it mean?! Are Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin dating? Are they just two pals with very symmetrical-looking faces? What happens when we die, anyway? You know... events like this evoke the big questions. If they are dating, I think I'm kind of here for it, but I just need a little more proof. Elite Daily reached out to Mendes and Baldwin's teams for confirmation on if they're dating but did not hear back by the time of publication

There's nothing particularly romantic about the photo other than it feels specific when two attractive young people hang out. Plus, other famous friends like Calvin Harris liked the photo, and Julia Michaels posted a heart emoji. COINCIDENCE? Maybe. Mendes captioned the photo with two simple camera emoji's and literally zero words, so he's definitely left a lot up to fans' imaginations.

In the picture, the musician and model are mugging for the camera looking like a pair of chill hotties. It's also one of the only pictures Mendes posted in the past three months that includes another human besides himself.

Celebrity relationship conspiracy theorists, feast your eyes upon this image:

What say ye?

Rumors about a Baldwin/Mendes relationship first began circulating back at the end of 2017. In November, a source told E! News they have a "serious romance." The insider explained, "It started out casual as they would run into each other at parties and hangout, but most recently it's become more serious. They are definitely dating and spend a lot of time together."

After trying to keep their growing relationship under wraps, the insider claims eventually, the two were like, "Screw it." The source said,

A few months ago they were sneaking out of public venues like Delilah while trying to not make a scene and now they have gone on private vacations to Europe. Their relationship has grown and they don't care if anyone sees them now.

That last part seems to definitely check out now that Mendes has maybe, sort of made it Instagram official.

In the past few months, the two have been spotted hanging out at celebrity parties and chilling in Toronto around the holidays. Baldwin even attended one of Mendes' concerts in Brooklyn back in August.

It all seems awfully couple-like to me.

A different source told E! News,

Hailey is not one to make things a huge deal, but Shawn worships her. He is definitely considerate of her busy schedule and her feelings. They are really cute together.

The source added, "Hailey's friends think Shawn is great because he is 'chill and relaxed' and is very supportive of Hailey."

Despite all the data supporting the hypothesis that these two are together, Baldwin told Us Weekly she isn't dating anyone just a few weeks ago. When asked if she was in a relationship during the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards Press Preview Day on March 8, she said, "Currently, I’m not."

Baldwin continued,

I look for somebody who’s like funny and can make me laugh. I’m very, very picky, like I am particularly very specific and I know like pretty much immediately if I’m gonna get along with somebody in the capacity of dating or not.

She added, "I mean, I hang out with people obviously and get to know them... It takes me a long time to feel like I can warm up to somebody before I ever even consider dating them."


I'm filing this Instagram photo under the "CLUES MENDES & BALDWIN R N LUV" folder... for now.

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