Sharron and Rhonda on 'Too Hot To Handle'

Let's Investigate Sharron & Rhonda's Post-'Too Hot To Handle' Relationship


The premise for Too Hot To Handle might be a bit out there, but it seemed to work out for at least a few people. ICYMI, the contestants on the Netflix dating show were challenged to build meaningful connections while avoiding sexual contact, all in the name of making meaningful connections — and earning a $100,000 cash prize. There was one couple who paved the way and made a genuine connection early on, but are Sharron and Rhonda still together after Too Hot To Handle?

Contestants Sharron Townsend and Rhonda Paul immediately hit it off when they entered the Too Hot To Handle retreat. Both Sharron and fellow contestant David Birtwistle approached Rhonda on Day 1, but Sharron was the first to steal a kiss from her (before the sex ban was put into place, lucky for him). From there, they got to know each other better.

There was a brief moment in which Sharron expressed fear of having a relationship, and David nearly swooped in on Rhonda again, but Sharron decided it was time to step up. He prepared a sweet date on the beach for them, during which he expressed his feelings. Lana, the omniscient robot watching their every move, gave them the green light on their watches to signal they could kiss for $0 — a reward for them building a meaningful, emotion-based connection. They left the retreat as "official" boyfriend and girlfriend, proving there might be something to this dating show concept after all.


After any reality show, contestants have to keep things hush-hush to not give away any spoilers. Rhonda and Sharron have been doing just that, staying quiet about their relationship status on social media.

However, there are a few clues out there that might hint at where they stand. For example, they both follow each other on Instagram, and Sharron likes a majority of Rhonda's posts. This hints they're probably still together (or if not, they're at least on friendly terms), since it might be a little weird to like all of an ex's posts. While it doesn't appear Rhonda has liked any of Sharron's posts, it seems like she hasn't done so for any other cast member either, so that's not necessarily a bad sign for the couple.

Since Too Hot To Handle is now on Netflix, Sharron and Rhonda might be able to make more official announcements about their relationship soon. Fans will have to stay tuned to find out more about the fate of this promising couple.