Miley Cyrus rocks head-to-toe leather.

Miley & Cody May Be Taking A *Major* Step Forward In Their Relationship

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There's exciting news, and then, there's this. It appears Miley Cyrus and her new beau Cody Simpon might be starting a band together, and I am not okay. Two of my favorite pop artists in one group? Sign. Me. Up. There are some very telling clues arising that have the internet asking: Are Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson starting a band?

There are a lot of signs pointing to "yes" here. First of all, there's a mysterious new Instagram account called "Bandit and Bardot" that is only following two people — Cyrus and Simpson. Then, according to TMZ, Cyrus' company filed legal documents requesting ownership of the name "Bandit and Bardot." Coincidence? I think not.

It sounds like if these two are, indeed, linking up on a musical project, there are some big plans in the works.

TMZ claims the trademark would cover entertainment services, including live music performances by a band and live performances by a professional singer, musician, and entertainer. Not only that, but it would cover a website focused on "live concerts" and "the production of sound recordings on all types of mediums — CDs, DVDs, downloads, ring tones and more."

Cyrus and Simpson are already practically attached at the hip, so a joint musical endeavor would hardly come as a surprise. Fans have been begging for a collab ever since the pair started dating in October 2019, and Simpson has previously hinted one is coming.

"Yeah definitely. We're looking at it," he said while speaking with E! News at the 2019 GQ Men of the Year party. "We are getting all the songs down and then seeing who would make sense for what. [My album's] going to be cool. It's going to be pretty much a rock album. A lot of guitar."

Simpson and Cyrus haven't shared many details on what's to come, or when to expect it, but it definitely sounds like fans should keep their eyes (and ears) peeled.

"[I'm] Working on a project at the moment and recording throughout the holidays and should have an album out next year," Simpson explained.

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TBD on whether Cyrus will feature on Simpson's album or if Simpson will feature on hers, but, at the very least, it sounds like they've definitely got a whole other collaboration project in the works. And with a name like "Bandit and Bardot," it sounds like these two are trying to be the next Bonnie and Clyde of music. Now that's romance.