Fans Are Torn Over Jackson & Maggie's Steamy 'Grey's Anatomy' Season 15 Start

by Ani Bundel

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 is all about love. It's supposed to be the "Season of Love," with rumors Meredith may find herself a new man, while Teddy's return to Seattle will spark a love triangle. Some new hot guys have taken postings at Grey Sloan, old flames are being renewed. But with April Kepner gone and Jackson Avery in a new relationship with Maggie at the end of last season, what's in store for him? Are Maggie and Jackson going to get married? It may sound a little insane, but Jackson might be ready to take a leap of faith. Warning: Spoilers for Grey's Anatomy Season 15 follow.

So the season premiere opens right after the wedding of Alex and Jo (and April and Matthew.) Everyone is still pretty hungover, but Jackson has a solution: walking to work. He, Maggie and DeLuca (who crashed on their couch) head to the hospital, with Jackson still full of thoughts and feelings of how April could just take a leap of faith and marry Matthew like that.

And then, out of nowhere, a car careens down the street, the driver passed out. DeLuca, acting in the nick of time, pulls Jackson and Maggie out of the car's oncoming path.


To say this "Act of God" coming on the heels of April's leap of faith completely screws with Jackson's head. He was never a religious man. This was part of the problem with his relationship with April. She believed in God, deeply, and he was ambivalent about the whole thing. That's why he and Maggie work. Neither of them takes religion all that seriously, grounding themselves in the knowable.

But the last few weeks have shaken Jackson to the core. He prayed for April to wake up. She did. He watched her put all her faith in the future and got married. Now he and Maggie have been saved by a moment of luck. What if it's all meant to be? What if it's a sign he and Maggie should take a leap of faith themselves, and get married?

God bless Maggie, she ran from the apartment and didn't come home with milk until the next day. She wasn't about to let Jackson finish that thought.

Some fans felt the same way.

This was not a marriage they approved of.

But Jackson's change of faith seemed to be going over better than expected.

But there are those who love the storyline and hope marriage is in the cards.

Thankfully, by the end of the second hour, Jackson had at least somewhat come to his senses. He definitely feels like he's a changed man. He may even believe in something, though he's not sure of what it might be yet. But asking Maggie to marry him, when they only just got together in the last few weeks of Season 14 is total madness. He didn't mean it as a proposal. But he's completely aware he went off the deep end there.

Will Jackson and Maggie get married? Maybe one day down the line. Jackson is sure of one thing: He loves Maggie, and he tells her so. Maggie is sure of one thing too. She loves him back. Marriage? That's for another day. Love is good enough for now. It is the Season of Love, after all.