It Looks Like 'This Is Us' Season 3 Will Show Us A Side Of Kevin We've Never Seen Before

by Ani Bundel

This Is Us certainly gave us a twist at the end of the Season 2 finale. We got our happy ending in the present, with a joyous wedding that went off without a hitch. Fans teared up during Kevin's toast to Kate, which was all about letting go of the past. And fans got a second toast from Randall, which was all about how we can't know what the future brings. As Randall spoke, flash-forwards began to be interspersed into the scene, leading fans to question everything. Specifically, are Kevin and Zoe dating in This Is Us Season 3? Flashing forward, we see Kevin and Beth's cousin Zoe on a flight to Vietnam together, giving us hope that Kevin managed to not to wind up with the type he usually goes home with on the night of Kate's wedding (aka Madison). Spoiler alert: Don't keep reading if you have not watched the This Is Us Season 2 finale "The Wedding" yet.

During Randall's toast, we see three different flash forwards of the Big 3: Toby is sick in bed and Kate tells him she just spoke to his doctor, Randall and grown-up Tess are talking about going to see someone, and Kevin and Zoe are on a plan to Vietnam. The thing is, we don't know exactly when any of these scenes happen.

Obviously, Randall and grown-up Tess are the farthest forward in time. Tess is only 10 years old in the present time, and she looks to be at least 25 in the future scene.

Kate and Toby's scene looks to be much closer to the present than that, but Kate's tone and Toby's state indicate it's probably at least a few months out from the present.

Zoe and Kevin look like they could have gone on that flight a mere week after the wedding. How far in the future could a trip to Vietnam be for Kevin to learn more about his father? Let's consider where he is in life right now.


Here's what we know about Kevin: He filmed a movie with Sylvester Stallone, directed by Ron Howard, set at least partly during the Vietnam war. Last we heard about the film, during the "Vegas Baby" episode, Ron Howard had made major edits to the story, cutting out the love interest and turning it into a father-son story with Kevin as the son. This suggests the movie might be the catalyst for his trip, to learn his own father's history.

Howard felt it was the strongest work he'd ever done, and told Kevin to get a tux because when Awards Season comes, he'd be called upon to attend a ton of red carpets to push the film. Any film that going to be pushed for Oscar bait is going to be held for release until the mid-fall/early-winter period, what is known as "Oscar Season." That means Season 3, present day, will most likely feature a storyline about the movie's release.

Meanwhile, back at the wedding, Madison is clearly making a play to get herself into Kevin's pants, dragging him on to the dance floor, putting him back in a position where he can easily fall back into old, and very bad, dating habits. But even as Kevin accepts the dance (with a panicked look on his face for the ages), there's hope he could change his ways. Zoe walks up to him at the end of the episode, telling him she always loves a good toast, even as we see shots of them together, flying to Vietnam, and Kevin kisses her forehead.


So does this mean the wedding was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between Kevin Pearson and Beth's cousin? Not necessarily. The road to true love doesn't run smooth, especially on weepy dramas. Besides, any trip to Vietnam for Kevin to find out more about Nicky and Jack would probably be inspired to happen after Howard's movie becomes a big Oscar hit (or doesn't.) So we have at least months, if not a good year, before that scene.

We could come back at the top of Season 3 and find that Zoe and Kevin are merely friends while he's having a disaster relationship with Madison. He and Zoe could still only be friends on that airplane, with Kevin kissing her because she's asleep and won't know. The truth is, we won't know, not until This Is Us Season 3 returns next year.