Justin Bieber May Have Just Teased That He's Dropping New Music With This Big Rapper

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images | David Livingston/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The time has come, Beliebers! Well, maybe. Justin Bieber recently retweeted Lil Dicky’s tweet about releasing a new song and video. And that has Beliebers everywhere wondering whether new music is on the way. Are Justin Bieber and Lil Dicky collaborating on a new song? According to a new report from TMZ, they are.

In an April 10 report, TMZ claimed that Bieber and Lil Dicky are, in fact, working on some new music. According to TMZ’s source, Bieber will “be featured on the single.” So, that’s good news for all the Beliebers out there! This will be Bieber’s first song since "No Brainer,” with DJ Khaled, Quavo, and Chance the Rapper. That song was released in July 2018, so it’s been a while since Bieber has put any new music out.

All in all, though, the news is probably coming as a surprise to Bieber’s fans, especially since he recently shared on Instagram that he was taking a break from music. In a March 25 Instagram post, Bieber explained that he needed to take some time away from the spotlight to focus on his family. The reason? His last tour took a lot out of him.

“So I read a lot of messages saying you want an album,” Bieber wrote in his post. “I’ve toured my whole teenage life, and early 20s, I realized and as you guys probably saw I was unhappy last tour and I don’t deserve that and you don’t deserve that, you pay money to come and have a lively energetic fun light concert and I was unable emotionally to give you that near the end of the tour.”

See Lil Dicky’s tweet about new music down below:

Bieber’s last album Purpose was released in 2015, and when he went on tour for that album, he just wasn’t feeling it. Bieber actually canceled the final 14 shows of his Purpose world tour.

“I’ve learned the more you appreciate your calling the more you want to protect your calling,” he wrote in an Instagram post at the time. “Me taking this time right now is me saying I want to be SUSTAINABLE... so that I can be the man I want to be, the husband I eventually want to be, and the father I want to be.”

Bieber basically shared those very same sentiments in his March 25 Instagram post.

“I have been looking, seeking, trial and error as most of us do, I am now very focused on repairing some of the deep rooted issues that I have as most of us have, so that I don’t fall apart, so that I can sustain my marriage and be the father I want to be,” Bieber wrote in his March 25 post. “Music is very important to me but Nothing comes before my family and my health.”

Even though he was talking about taking some time to be a family man, Bieber also shared that he plans to come back bigger and better than ever.

“I will come with a kick ass album ASAP, my swag is undeniable and my drive is indescribable his love is supernatural his grace is that reliable.... the top is where I reside period whether I make music or not the king said so. 👑 but I will come with a vengeance believe that,” he wrote.

So, music isn’t entirely off the table. And I guess his rumored collaboration with Lil Dicky is proof of that. Can’t wait to hear it!