Jojo Siwa Had A Surprising Response To Rumors She's Dating Elliott Brown

Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fans have been curious about Jojo Siwa's relationship status ever since she introduced fans to her friend Elliott Brown in February. Seeing how they looked so cute together in their photos together, fans suspected there was more going on between them than they were letting on. If you're curious about whether Jojo Siwa and Elliott Brown are dating, know the star addressed the rumors head on in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, and what she had to say might surprise you.

Dating rumors first sparked when Siwa and Brown began hanging out in February. They posted all their interactions on social media, where fans ate it all up. They loved seeing the two making TikToks and posting selfies together. Fans thought all the signs pointed to them being a couple, and Siwa seemingly confirmed the rumors in fans' eyes when she avoided giving a direct answer as to whether Brown was her boyfriend or not.

In a March 11 interview with In the Room, Siwa explained she knew about the rumors surrounding her and Brown. "I've actually talked with him about how I was gonna answer this, 'cause I was like, 'I know it's gonna come up some time,'" Siwa said. "He has been a family friend of mine for, oh gosh. I've known him since he was eight."

Siwa didn't elaborate, but when the interviewer remarked she and Brown looked "cute together," she agreed.

In a May 15 interview with Us Weekly, Siwa confirmed she and Brown were "totally friends," but they once considered dating. "We were close and we were right at the edge. Like, we almost crossed the line. And then we just both decided that we shouldn’t right now, which is totally fine," Siwa explained.

Fans wondered whether their feelings changed when Siwa revealed she wasn't single anymore in a June 5 TikTok. "I would but I'm taken," Siwa told a fan who asked her to prom.

Siwa has now cleared the air about her relationship status. "It's not him. I can say that with a dead-straight face," Siwa told Entertainment Tonight on June 16. "It's not Elliot. Keep doing your research!"

That means Siwa does have someone special in her life, but it's not who fans thought. Once again, fans are left wondering who Siwa's mystery SO is.