Jake & Tana Might Have Legit Just Gotten Married — UPDATED

by Candice Jalili
Presley Ann/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

People may have been skeptical that their engagement was even real, but are Jake Paul and Tana Mongeau married? As of July 9, all signs are (surprisingly) pointing to yes. (Elite Daily reached out to reps for Paul and Mongeau and did not hear back in time for publication.) What signs am I referring to, you ask? Allow me to explain.

UPDATE: Mongeau slammed marriage rumors on Twitter. "FAKE NEWS we’re still engaged b*tch you’ll know when we have a wedding," she wrote in response to a tweet from the Daily Mail claiming that she and Paul had tied the knot.

EARLIER: In true millennial form, the couple took to Instagram to share the news of their possible nuptials with respective posts shared on July 9. Mongeau posted a series of pictures of them looking super lovey dovey out in what seems to be the countryside. TBH, the pictures would just look like a bunch of engagement photos if it weren't for two small details: She's rocking a wedding band under her engagement ring in all of the pictures, and in one particular picture, they're carrying a sign that says "Mr. & Mrs."

Paul also posted a similar series of photos and added another major clue that they tied the knot: he tagged the location as "marriage today." So... I'm guessing that means they got married?

Mongeau and Paul's engagement took place in a Las Vegas nightclub on her 21st birthday in June. There's video footage of her flashing her ring at the clurb while Young M.A's "OOOUUU" plays in the background (and that is quite simply a scrumptious little factoid I will never be able to get over for as long as I live).

Needless to say, considering Paul's track record when it comes to fake engagements, fans were a little skeptical. In case you missed it, Paul admitted to The New York Times in September 2017 that his engagement and his entire relationship with Erika Costell were both fake.

"We’re not even actually dating. It’s like the WWE," he told The New York Times. "People know that’s fake, and it’s one of the biggest things of entertainment." To be clear, Paul even went so far as to post a video on his YouTube account of himself and Costell getting married with title, "WE ACTUALLY GOT MARRIED..." just a few months before the New York Times interview was published.

The rock Paul chose to give Mongeau also raised some concerns with regard to the validity of their engagement. Upon further inspection of her massive ring, one diamond expert suspected it wasn't even a real diamond. E! News spoke to Ira Weissman, founder of The Diamond Pro, who noticed a pretty something was off about her rock. “Nothing is a sure thing without seeing the ring(s) up close, but everything about this little clip says ‘fake,’” he told E! News on June 24. “You can see the exaggerated sparkling light reflecting off of something in the bottom right of the frame in the beginning of the clip. This is exactly what you would want to use to try to enhance the sparkle of a simulated diamond to make it look like the real thing. Plus, the glassy look of the very large center stone as it’s brought closer to the camera also points heavily toward it being a cubic zirconia.”

Obviously, a fake diamond doesn't mean that the entire engagement is fake. But if you were to be faking an engagement, wouldn't you try to save some money by opting out of buying a real diamond?

Despite all of the doubt, both Paul and Mongeau have maintained that their engagement is real.

In response to one fan who tweeted that she'd be pissed if it is a joke, but also if it is not a joke, Mongeau replied: "it’s not. i’m engaged. holy f**k."

Paul and Mongeau even came together on YouTube to post a video shutting down any and all haters:

So, they're definitely engaged. Now we just have to sit back and see if they're actually married because, well, Paul has also staged a fake wedding before.