Here's Where Griffin & Noah Stand After Their Relationship Drama With Dixie

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Dixie D'Amelio has only been famous for less than a year after blowing up on TikTok in late 2019, but her personal life has already playing out in the spotlight. Unless you were living under a rock all through 2020 (or just never downloaded TikTok), you'll know D'Amelio had a messy breakup with fellow TikToker Griffin Johnson. Then, she wasted no time moving on with another social media-savvy suitor, Noah Beck. This might sound totally normal for a 19-year-old like D'Amelio, and, for the most part, it is — except for the fact Johnson and Beck have some history of their own together. This leads fans to wonder: Are Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck still friends? Let's investigate how their respective relationships with D'Amelio affected their relationship.

D'Amelio and Johnson's relationship was all over social media starting in February 2020 after they posted their first flirty TikTok together. Their Brat YouTube series Attaway General premiered three months later, in which they starred as love interests. As the pair continued to post adorable TikToks together and exchange flirty comments on social media, fans waited on edge for them to confirm their relationship. That confirmation didn't come until June, just weeks before they broke up in July amid speculation Johnson cheated.

On Sept. 2, shortly after D'Amelio officially announced their split, Johnson seemingly acknowledged the cheating rumors, issuing a short apology on Twitter that read, in part, "I want to publicly apologize to Dixie for the hurt that I have caused. I am human. I am not proud of some of my choices."

Meanwhile, D'Amelio was apparently already moving on. She was spotted getting cozy with Beck at Saddle Ranch in West Hollywood on Aug. 30. Then, on Sept. 20, Beck starred in D'Amelio's "Be Happy (Remix)" music video, in which they cuddled on a beach. By Oct. 26, D'Amelio was declaring she was in love with Beck in her YouTube videos.

Since Johnson and Beck are both members of the TikTok collective Sway House and are known to create TikTok content together, but did their respective romances with D'Amelio come between them?

As Beck and D'Amelio grew closer, it seemed like everything was cool between Johnson and Beck at first. On Sept. 16, Johnson attempted to clear up any speculation he might be feuding with Beck by giving the new couple his best wishes. "Yeah," he responded when reporter Kevin Wong asked him if he was happy for Beck and D'Amelio, which was, admittedly, the bare minimum level of support.

Fans couldn't help but wonder if Johnson was just putting on an act to keep the peace, especially since, on Sept. 21, he dropped a song called "Convenient," in which he seemingly calls out Beck and his relationship with D'Amelio. The lyrics in question are when Johnson sings: "She took it out of context / Now my heart's in the comments / Now you can say I'm heartless / But you don't know what a heart is / You don't think I No-ah / But I know a little bit." This understandably led fans to speculate maybe there were some hard feelings after all.

It didn't seem like Beck and D'Amelio's newfound love got in the way of Beck's friendship with Johnson when it came to Sway House business, either. There are still plenty of videos of them popping up on Sway House's TikTok, making it clear they are both still part of the collective. However, they barely ever film together anymore.

While there are still plenty of videos of Beck and Johnson popping up on Sway House's TikTok (indicating they're both still part of the group), they barely ever film together anymore. Further, Johnson and Beck are still following each other on Instagram, but they haven't posted anything together on their respective Instagram accounts since July. So things might be all good on the business front, but the men appear to not be as close IRL.

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