This Photo Of Emma Watson & Tom Felton Is Fueling The Most Magical Dating Rumors

by Candice Jalili
Getty Images

Yes, Miley and Liam may be over but two of your other favorite childhood stars are here to restore your faith in love. Well, maybe. Are Emma Watson and Tom Felton dating? Neither have confirmed or denied a romantic relationship, but a recent post on Felton's Instagram page has fans hoping for a romantic relationship between Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy.

Felton, 31, and Watson, 29, obviously go way back. The two have been friends since they met as children on the Harry Potter set. So it's not necessarily weird of them to be hanging out platonically and taking pictures together. But there's something about Felton's most recent post with Watson that's giving fans major romantic vibes.

You see, the picture he posted isn't just any old picture of two old buds hanging at a bar or whatever. No, Felton posted a picture of himself teaching Watson how to play the guitar in what appears to be a living room in South Africa. He posted the picture along with the super cute yet simple caption, "Quick learner x." Oh, and for those of you who aren't in the know with British slang, "x" is something British people commonly add to the end of messages, and it means "kiss."

And just when you thought things couldn't get any more intimate or cute between the two childhood friends, they also just so happen to be dressed in their pajamas and Felton looks like he just got out of the shower. Yep, that's right. They're making music together in a living room dressed in their pajamas. If that's not the most intimate thing you've ever heard in your life, I don't know what is.

Obvi fans had a really hard time maintaining their chill. One fan wrote, "BRAD & GAGA, make room!" Another dubbed them with an adorable Potter-themed nickname, "DRAMIONE 😭😍." This fan outdid the other fan by cramming these two nicknames into one comment, "This a gift for everybody who loves Dramione and believes in Feltson ❤️♥️"

This picture is pretty much as intimate as it gets, but it's not the first time the two actors spurred romantic rumors. Back in February, Watson had friends speculating when she posted a picture of herself looking super happy and at peace along with the caption, "Friends capture you best 🦋" Then she went ahead and gave photo creds to Felton. Obvi, she literally called him a "friend," but still. Sue me for hoping!

A few months before the picture Felton took of her, Watson posted a cute carousel of herself and Felton living their best lives on the beach. The carousel first features a cute selfie of them looking like the two happiest people on the planet on the beach. Next, it shows Watson hanging onto Felton as she rides on his long board and he jokingly chastises her for not keeping her feet still in what sounds a lot like flirty banter. Watson posted both on Instagram and even decided to give her pal some promotional love by captioning it, "Tom’s @origin_series is out on the 14th November. Congrats dear friend. #TFToleratingmysubparskatingskillssince1999.”

While whether or not there's currently anything romantic between them as of now remains a mystery, in a 2012 interview with The Jonathan Ross Show Watson admitted to having had feelings for Felton in the past.

“Between the ages of 10 and 12 I had a really terrible crush on Tom Felton. We love a bad guy, and he was a few years older and he had a skateboard and that just did it really,” Watson said at the time. “He used to do tricks on it. He was so cool. He totally knew [I had a crush]. And the thing is, he’d turn and go, ‘Oh, I see her in a younger sisterly way.’ And it just broke my heart, still does.”

As adorable as it would be to see Watson wind up with her childhood crush, Entertainment Tonight reported that they sadly heard that Watson and Felton really "are just good friends and not dating."