Here's What To Know About Emma Chamberlain & Jojo Siwa's Budding YouTube Relationship

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If you’re someone who enjoys an interesting YouTube personality every now and then, you’re probably familiar with Jojo Siwa and Emma Chamberlain. The two vloggers have millions of fans and lots of videos to their credit, but what about friendships? Are Jojo Siwa and Emma Chamberlain friends? Well, a couple of new Instagram posts and a video from both Siwa and Chamberlain are certainly making fans think there’s a friendship blossoming.

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, both Siwa and Chamberlain took to their Instagram accounts to share photos of themselves together. In Siwa’s post, you can see both girls smiling at the camera and giving the peace sign. And in Chamberlain’s post, the girls are wearing totally different outfits, but making silly faces and also giving the peace sign. So, it definitely seems like they’re having a blast spending time together, which is a great sign that a friendship is in the cards.

“Jojo chamberlain,” Chamberlain captioned her post, which hinted at a collaboration between herself and Siwa.

Siwa also posted something similar on her Instagram caption. “Emma Siwa!!🌈💎 NEW VIDEO LINK IN MY BIO,” she wrote, prompting fans to see the new video collab she and Chamberlain uploaded to YouTube.

You can check out their Instagram posts down below:

While they don’t have a long-standing friendship, Siwa and Chamberlain do seem to get along quite well already. They apparently met on social media not too long ago and randomly decided to do a video together, which has fans very excited.

So, what goes down in the Emma Chamberlain/Jojo Siwa collab video? Well, Siwa essentially gives Chamberlain a makeover and turns her into... Emma Chamberlain. Basically, by the end of the video, you get two Jojo Siwas and zero Emma Chamberlains. It’s actually a funny take on both their vlogging personalities. As you probably already know, Siwa has a very colorful personality and presence in her videos, while Chamberlain is a little bit more low-key (but not by much)!

In any case, the girls gathered at Siwa’s for the makeover and Siwa gracefully gave Chamberlain a tour of her house. Once that was done, Siwa started the makeover process, which actually didn’t take long. In total, she gave Chamberlain a side-ponytail with a huge bow and a totally different outfit to wear. It’s definitely a change for Chamberlain but she seemed to love it. Take a look at the video down below.

“I feel like a sparkly ball of fun. I just want to go have fun right now,” Chamberlain says at the end of her makeover.

Then, of course, Siwa and Chamberlain take their makeover efforts and apply them to Siwa’s dog! The little pup had its hair done up in a bow just like Siwa and Chamberlain. And once that was all over, Siwa gave Chamberlain a glimpse at her car, which is as colorful and glittery as her house. Chamberlain loved it, of course.

And if you thought all the fun ended there, you’d be wrong. Chamberlain actually gave Siwa a makeover as well! Check it out:

All in all, it seems like the girls have quite a lot in common and it definitely wouldn’t surprise me if this new friendship lasted well into the future!