David and Lydia on 'Too Hot To Handle'

'Too Hot To Handle' Fans Need To Know What's Going On With David & Lydia


As Too Hot To Handle was coming to a close, two couples — Francesca and Harry, and Rhonda and Sharron — seemed to be pretty serious. But another one was just beginning to bloom when the cameras wrapped up filming: David and Lydia. The pair had a bit of a late start, since Lydia was one of the contestants who arrived later on in the season, but the end of the series made it seem like they had a promising future. Because of this fans are still wondering if David and Lydia are together after Too Hot To Handle. Unfortunately, they've kept things pretty hush-hush.

From the moment Lydia stepped onto the beach, it was clear David was attracted to her. In a video David posted to his YouTube on April 20, in which he described his first impression of Lydia, he explained she was definitely his type: "Describe the kind of girl I'd normally go for... Dark skin, dark hair, light eyes, bubbly, fun, energetic — that's Lydia." Their personalities also seemed to mesh right away. "We got on very well straight away," he explained in the video. "Conversation was easy ... we were definitely vibing on each other."

While the cast members of Too Hot To Handle hail from all over the world, David and Lydia seemed like they could actually make their relationship work post-show because of the proximity of their hometowns; David is from London and Lydia is from Portsmouth (which are both in the UK).


Despite their seemingly promising relationship on Too Hot To Handle and their physical closeness to one another, once the show aired, there was speculation Lydia actually started dating a different Too Hot To Handle star after filming. Bryce, the Los Angeles native who proudly lives on his boat, posted a spicy photo of Lydia on his boat's Instagram page in February 2020. The photo shouldn't be taken too seriously, however. His boat's Insta account features many similar photos of other women, and he can't be dating them all, right?

Apparently not. Another reason the Bryce and Lydia theory doesn't work out is because Bryce and another Too Hot To Handle star, Nicole, are actually dating now; they've been doing long distance for over a year now.

So, with Bryce out of the picture, there's a possibility Lydia and David could be together after the show. The both follow each other on Instagram, and David seems to like a lot of Lydia's photos, although Lydia doesn't seem to be doing the same for his posts.

However, it may be a bit more likely David and Lydia are not together now. He recently posted a photo alluding to his singleness, which isn't typically what boyfriends do on social media. Fans will just have to stay tuned for more information to know for sure.

Too Hot To Handle is on Netflix now.