Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee in Bling Empire.

Here's Where Cherie & Jessey Stand After The Big 'Bling Empire' Proposal


One of the most memorable duos on Netflix's new reality show Bling Empire was Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee, a wealthy Los Angeles couple who defied typical Asian American cultural expectations by starting a family before getting married. After the partners welcomed their second child, Jevon, on-screen in Season 1, however, Cherie expressed disappointment over Jessey's hesitancy to propose to her. In the season finale, she finally took matters into her own hands and proposed to him at a party for Jevon. After a long, dramatic pause, Jessey ultimately accepted her proposal, but are Cherie and Jessey still engaged after Bling Empire?

Fans of the pair can breathe a sigh of relief, since they're still very much together and seem to be in love. In-depth info about what Cherie and Jessey have been up to since the show finished filming in late 2019 is considerably harder to find compared to their co-stars, mostly since they seem much more private on social media.

The relatively few Instagram posts they've each made since filming the show are often dedicated to their two kids, who have already gotten so much bigger since Season 1; their daughter Jadore is now 4, and baby Jevon is turning 2 this year. However, there are also plenty of cute shots of Cherie and Jessey together. Most recently, Cherie posted a video thanking viewers for making Bling Empire trend on Netflix around the world.

"Thank you so much for watching. We are humbled, we are grateful! It was definitely out of our norms to open up about our lives on TV," she captioned the post, adding: "#BlingEmpire is #4 in USA today. Thanking each and every one of you for making it happen. Without you there wouldn't be us."

So, the couple looks to be going strong. However, a quick peek at Cherie's Instagram seems to point to the couple still being unmarried. There are no wedding pics on their socials, and Cherie is noticeably not wearing a wedding ring in any of her content. Maybe if Bling Empire gets renewed for Season 2, viewers will finally be able to see Cherie and Jessey tie the knot — possibly in another over-the-top celebration. For now, though, they seem perfectly happy with their life together, and that's what matters.

Bling Empire Season 1 is now streaming on Netflix.