Lady Gaga Just Addressed All Of Those Rumors About Her & Bradley Being In Love

by Candice Jalili
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Most people who watched the 91st Academy Awards on Feb. 24 were probably wondering the same thing: Are Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in love? I mean, two people must be in love in order to have that kind of performance on stage, right?! Wrong.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Feb. 28, Gaga opened up about how, exactly, she and Cooper were able to create that legendary spark. And, to some fans' dismay, it had nothing to do with a real-life relationship.

It all started when Kimmel introduced Gaga with pretty much the most real intro ever. "On Sunday, millions of women became furious with their partners for never looking at them the way Bradley Cooper looked at our first guest during their show-stopping musical performance," he opened.

Shortly after his intro, Gaga walked on — Oscar in tow — looking fabulous as ever. And we all know it was a matter of time before Kimmel was going to ask her about her off-the-charts on-stage chemistry with Cooper.

Kimmel opened up the conversation by joking that people on social media are thinking that Cooper and Gaga "must be in love" after that incredible performance.

Here's a little refresher, in case you forgot how awesome it was:

Gaga first responded to Kimmel's question with a pretty long, drawn-out eye roll then went into detail on why she's not in love with Cooper.

"Yes, people saw love," she explained. "And guess what? That's what we wanted you to see. This is a love song — 'Shallow.' The movie, A Star Is Born — it's a love story."

And she and Cooper worked pretty dang hard to make sure that their performance was as believable as it was.

Gaga explained that, while she never relinquishes control for live performances, she made one special exception this time for Cooper, given that he was the director of the film and he had the original vision for the scene the scene in the movie that 'Shallow' originally played out in.

"So, everything that you saw, the way that it was shot, the way that they pushed the piano out, you saw them put the piano together, us walk up on stage no intro, all of it, that was all him," she told Kimmel. "And he even also was the one that was like, "I think that the audience should be lit, so that we're not just lit. The audience is lit." So then I called Roy Bennet who I work with and he does my lighting and I'm like, 'We need to light the entire room with amber lights because Bradley wants honeycomb and we've gotta give him what he wants.'"

Even their chemistry, apparently, was manufactured as part of the performance. "From a performance perspective, it was so important to both of us that we were connected the entire time," she continued. "Look, I've had my arms wrapped around Tony Bennett for three years touring the world. When you're singing love songs, that's what you want people to feel."

(Don't worry, Gaga also noted that she's not having an affair with Tony Bennett.)

"I'm an artist and I guess we did a good job," she concluded regarding her performance with Cooper. "Fooled ya!"

Even though there's no romantic connection between them IRL, Gaga does have some real props for her co-star. When Kimmel asked if Cooper (who's a friend of his) was nervous before the live performance, Gaga responded by saying he wasn't at all. "We practiced and we worked hard," she explained. "Bradley's a musician. I mean, my favorite thing about the whole experience was I was just so excited for people not only at home but our peers in the room to see him sing live and know that he sang every take in this movie live every single time. I mean, all of it. There was no lip-syncing. And I was so excited. And, you know, I was in the moment, but when we started and he starts singing, 'Tell me something, girl,' the whole audience started cheering and I was like, 'Yes, Bradley! Yes! They love it! Keep going! We got this!' It was great."

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So, no, the two are not lovers. But they definitely do love and support each other as performers and friends. And, hey, that's still beautiful.