Angelina Jolie Has Reportedly Dropped The "Pitt" From Her Last Name & My Heart Aches

by Christy Piña
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"I stopped believing in love when Brangelina broke up." Chances are, you've heard someone say this before, and trust me... I get it. Brad Pritt and Angelina Jolie started dating in 2004 after co-starring in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, and for 12 years, they were one of Hollywood's most famous couples. They split in 2016 and have since been in court negotiating their divorce and the custody of their six kids. Another heartbreaking Brangelina divorce detail? Angelina Jolie’s name change after her divorce.

After their wedding in 2014, Jolie took the last name Jolie-Pitt — which is the name their six children will reportedly keep, Closer Weekly reports. But now that Jolie and Pitt are reportedly almost done with their divorce settlement and custody agreement, Angelina herself is reportedly ditching Jolie-Pitt. Elite Daily reached out to both Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's teams for confirmation on these reports, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

According to Closer Weekly, Jolie dropped the "Pitt" from her name and will again go back to using Jolie. Both Pitt and Jolie reportedly became legally single on April 12, after requesting a bifurcated judgment in 2018 (read: they could end their marriage while still working through the divorce negotiations), Us Weekly reported. At the time, one of Jolie's spokespeople told People that her reason for filing for bifurcation was "to provide closure to the marriage in a way that clears a path toward the next stage of their lives and allows her and Brad to recommit as devoted co-parents to their children." While things got reportedly tense during the custody battle, a source recently told Entertainment Tonight that Pitt and Jolie are in a really good place right now.

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"Brad and Angelina have come a long way," the source reportedly told ET. "To the surprise of many of their closest friends, their communication has improved tremendously and they're both dedicated to co-parenting. Their kids have a custody schedule and that's made a huge difference for the whole family. The schedule has alleviated any of the planning pressures Brad and Angelina have faced in the past. Now the kids spend time with both their parents and are happy and thriving." The source reportedly explained that it took Pitt and Jolie some time to get to this positive place because there reportedly were hard feelings after the split, even though it was due to "irreconcilable differences."

But thankfully, both Pitt and Jolie have reportedly gotten to the point in their post-split relationship where they can discuss their children calmly, the source also reportedly said. Pitt and Jolie have both reportedly moved forward with their lives: He is reportedly casually dating and she is throwing herself into her work. When they first came to a custody agreement in November 2018, another source spoke to ET about how Jolie was feeling about their reported arrangement. She was reportedly "pleased to be entering the next stage and relieved at the progress for the health of their family," the source said.

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There you have it: Angelina Jolie-Pitt is no more, which truly makes the breakup heard 'round the world feel even more real. Even though Pitt and Jolie's split happened two years ago, now that they're reportedly nearing the end of their divorce negotiations, are legally single, and Jolie has changed her last name, it seems like their romantic relationship has truly met its end. Here's hoping they can remain on good terms for the good of their family.