Angela Kinsey's Ideas For A 'The Office' Reunion Special

Angela Kinsey Has So Many Ideas For A 'The Office' Reunion Special


It's been 15 years (!!) since the U.S. version of The Office premiered, and fans still have the same question they've been asking since the show's final episode: Will there ever be a revival? And they're not alone; the cast has also been talking about getting together again. In fact, Angela Kinsey has ideas for a The Office reunion special that are bound to make everyone happy.

"As far as a revival or any kind of reboot, we haven't heard anything ... [But] when I've talked to some of the cast members, I think a lot of us would be up for some kind of reunion special," Kinsey tells Elite Daily. "Over the years, we've all joked about different things that could happen [in a The Office reunion]."

While Kinsey knows it would be tricky to navigate any kind of future The Office content, since the fandom is so protective of the show, that hasn't stopped her from speculating what would happen should the story continue in some form, whether it's a one-time episode, a movie, or another series. "I get so excited at the thought of walking into a room, and [the cast is] all there, and we get to sit down and be these characters again," she says. "I sort of like, fantasize — I don't know if that's the right word — about that moment where we all sit down at the table read and we have the script."


So, where would the beloved Dunder Mifflin crew be if a revival took place in 2020? Kinsey feels confident Angela and Dwight (Rainn Wilson) would be thriving during the coronavirus pandemic. "They'd be on Schrute Farms. They'd have everything they need ... They've got beets canned for years. I think they're fine," Kinsey says. "They'd be like, 'Oh, we saw it coming, and we're ready.'"

Unfortunately, Kinsey doesn't think Michael Scott (Steve Carell) would be handling things quite as well. "He's such a social person and he needs that interaction," she says. "In every Zoom meeting, he'd be that person who shows up with something crazy in the background ... You'd be like, 'Okay, that's the background from Chippendales.'"

Post-pandemic, she envisions the characters following their own unique (and potentially hilarious) dreams. Dwight and Angela would be "running some really horrible bed and breakfast," while Kevin runs a bar called Malone's, and Creed does, well, Creed things. "He'd either be a yogi at an ashram or he would be, like, the state senator," she says.

Chris Haston/NBC

While these ideas are all just daydreams (for now, at least), Kinsey has another suggestion that might be more feasible: Though fans initially mourned the news of The Office leaving Netflix, Kinsey hopes when the series moves to NBC's streaming service Peacock in 2021, fans will get bonus content along with it. "NBC owns all of it, and they have these archives of deleted scenes and bonus stuff. So I'm hoping they really let the fans have access to everything," she says.

In the meantime, Kinsey's keeping busy with roles in Netflix hits like Never Have I Ever and #blackAF (each of which, funnily enough, has The Office ties, with Mindy Kaling co-creating the former and Rashida Jones producing and starring in the latter). Also, in a very Angela Martin move, Kinsey recently teamed up with Advil to promote its new pain relief med, Advil Dual Action (cue the Angela-popping-pills meme). But instead of preemptively taking medication before a meeting with the cheerful Kelly Kapoor, Kinsey partnered with the brand to keep up with her fun-filled lifestyle. "I'm on my way to 50, but I'm still on the trampoline, I'm roller skating, and we have an active, busy household," Kinsey says, adding: "I don't think [Angela Martin] would approve of my trampoline. No way."

Joshua Snyder for Advil Dual Action / NBC

Of course, there's also Kinsey's Office Ladies podcast, on which she deep-dives into each show episode with her former costar and current bestie Jenna Fischer, who played Pam Beesley on the series. Kinsey hints she and Fischer are plotting even more collabs in the future, though she can't yet say what. "I'm really excited for the next few things that we have planned," she teases. "I have a few other ideas that we're tinkering with." Whether that's more The Office content or something outside the Scranton zip code, fans will just have to wait to find out.