Watch This Clip Of Anderson Cooper Calling Twitter "Clitter" As A Break From The Chaos

J. Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While the world descends into chaos around you, you've gotta appreciate the little things, right? Laugh to keep from crying and all that? If you appreciate just one little thing today, let it be this hilarious clip of Anderson Cooper accidentally calling Twitter "Clitter" on the air. While speaking to CNN Chief National Correspondent John King about the tight 2020 presidential election results in Michigan, the CNN anchor referred to President Donald Trump's problematic statements on "Clitter" as opposed to Twitter. He immediately corrected himself, but if you watch the clip closely, you can almost see the light ever-so-briefly leave his eyes as he realized what he'd done.

Cooper's NSFW flub is much-needed moment of levity, considering Trump has indeed flooded Twitter on Nov. 4 with problematic, factually inaccurate tweets undermining the mail-voting process and "surprise ballot dumps." Granted, it's important to note that Twitter repeatedly flagged Trump's most recent election-related tweets as containing potentially "misleading" or "disputed" information about the election. There's also no evidence to support the idea that there is any more or less margin for voter fraud with absentee voting than with any other voting method.

He wrote, "Last night I was leading, often solidly, in many key States, in almost all instances Democrat run & controlled," he wrote. "Then, one by one, they started to magically disappear as surprise ballot dumps were counted. VERY STRANGE, and the 'pollsters' got it completely & historically wrong!" Anderson's gaffe came just seconds after discussing Trump's tweet.

Sorry, but the only thing completely and historically wrong is that I've been laughing at Cooper saying "Clitter" for a concerning amount of time. So has Twitter:

At the risk of aging myself or sounding crass, I'll leave you with this: Only real ones know the NSFW beginnings of where "Clitter" actually comes from.