Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph Presented Together At The Golden Globes, So You Can Die Happy

by Ani Bundel
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The 76th Golden Globe Awards landed a hit with Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg as hosts. They were funny, light-hearted, and yet totally endearing. When Sandra Oh won her own Globe for Killing Eve and then had to go back to hosting, she seamlessly transitioned from winner back to host, and presented with her award in her hands. (Very bad *ss.) But it's safe to say some new contenders emerged for the hosting job next year when Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph presented at the 2019 Golden Globes and practically stole the show right out from under everyone.

Perhaps the Oscars should sit up and take notice. After all, the Golden Globes found Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg when they were presenters on the Emmys last fall, and Twitter clamored to see them as hosts. The Academy Awards could do worse than doing the same.

Maya Rudolph and Amy Poehler started out screamingly funny before the show even began by riding into the red carpet on a golf cart instead of the usual limo. (Considering the traffic, it was clearly the smarter option.)

Upon taking the stage to present the award for Best Supporting Actor in a Musical or Comedy, they pointed out how thankless this position is for a lot of films, by reciting some of the lines that these "supporting roles" have, especially for women.

The win then went to Mahershala Ali for Green Book, who at least managed to have a few more memorable lines than the ones Poehler and Rudolph rattled off.

But if that wasn't enough, the two of them then decided to hilariously re-create a moment from last fall's Emmys themselves. Perhaps you may recall Glenn Weiss, who grabbed the opportunity when he won the Emmy for Outstanding Directing for a Variety Special to propose to his girlfriend in front of everyone. It was a moment that stole the show. (Not surprising, since Mr. Weiss directs live shows like the Emmys and knows how they work better than most.)

Rudolph decided to recreate the moment up on stage with Poehler, much to the latter's shock and awe. When Amy began to worry the two of them were stealing the show out from under the next category, Rudolph told her not to worry. It was just Best Screenplay, which also went to Green Book, and writers Peter Farrelly, Nick Vallelonga, Brian Currie.

Twitter viewers were calling for the duo to host the Oscars by the time they were done.

But, unfortunately, the Oscars probably won't hire them. Not because they don't want to, but because Amy Poehler doesn't want to host the Academy Awards. If you cast your mind back, Amy has hosted before. (Not the Oscars, but the Golden Globes.) She and Tina Fey did it a couple of years running. While they were mostly hailed as a breath of fresh air, they also were dinged for making fun of Taylor Swift and perhaps being a little Mean Girls-esque as time went on. The two decided they were done after that, and Fey came out and said they had no interest in "leveling up" to the Oscars.

Sadly, the Oscars may have to look elsewhere. But until they do, Twitter can dream.