You Can Win A $100 Dunkin' Gift Card By Entering Amtrak's Holiday Photo Contest

Chances are high that your current Instagram feeds are full of friends and family doing festive holiday things, like posing by a Christmas tree or baking dozens of cookies. Beginning Thursday, Dec. 13, you might also come across photos of your loved ones posing during their Amtrak train rides. Why? Because Amtrak's holiday photo contest is here, and it's awarding creative travelers with different prizes based off of holiday photos they submit. The contest's awards include $100 Dunkin' gift cards and Amtrak swag bags — and if those seem appealing to you, read on to find out how you can enter.

The official #AmtrakHolidayContest was announced by Amtrak on Thursday, Dec. 13, which is the exact date that the contest starts on. According to a press release emailed to Elite Daily, riders will have 12 days to submit Amtrak-themed photos with a holiday flair. The contest will end on Dec. 25, which gives travelers a decent amount of time to plan their poses. According to the release, examples of eligible photos can include the train itself, the Amtrak logo, the train station, and more. The pictures must also reference something holiday or winter-related. So, if you're carrying a festive gift during your train ride home, go ahead and snap a picture.

Once you have the perfect photo, you can start the posting process. According to Amtrak, all pictures submitted through Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook must include the hashtag #AmtrakHolidayContest. Travelers are allowed to post as many photos as they want, but they can only win once. With that being said, the social media team at Amtrak will chose one winner per day leading up to Dec. 25, and those winners will be contacted with information about which prizesm they won. As I previously mentioned, each winner will either be given a $100 Dunkin' gift card or an Amtrak swag bag.

I don't know about you, but I'd totally pose on my Amtrak train for a chance to win a $100 Dunkin' gift card — and I'm excited to start the photo shoot. Apparently, Amtrak Chief Marketing Officer Tim Griffin is also stoked about the promotion. In a press release, he said,

With our #AmtrakHolidayContest, we know we can bring that holiday magic to train travel with inspirational pictures from our customers. The holiday season is Amtrak’s busiest time, and whether you are traveling for business or leisure, your journey can best be summarized by a picture, and that’s what we are hoping to see through this contest.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Before you start planning your Amtrak poses, there are a few things you should keep in mind. According to the company's press release, no group entries will be accepted — but you can always share the wealth with your loved ones if you win. You should also remember to keep your posts "public" so Amtrak can see 'em. (It'd be a bummer to post a prize-worthy picture that Amtrak can't even see.) Also, posting the same picture on multiple platforms won't increase your chances of winning.

Phew, now that you know about some of the contest's rules, you can start taking pictures. Just remember to use the hashtag #AmtrakHolidayContest in your captions so the Amtrak team sees them, and cross your fingers that you win a Dunkin' gift card.