Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 59 Clever Gifts That Are So Damn Cheap

By Alexandra Miguel
Originally Published: 

There’s usually a reason — or, let’s be honest, a bunch of reasons — why Amazon sells out of a product. Maybe it’s super clever and customers can’t get enough of it, or maybe it’s available for an affordable price that’s hard to pass up. Either way, you can usually assume it’s a great item that’s worth the restock wait. This list is full of those kinds of things, and you’ll want to buy them for yourself or someone else ASAP.

Here, you’ll find a range of self-care products that’ll catch the eye of anyone looking to have a bit of pampering and at-home relaxation; think along the lines of deep-cleansing face masks, exfoliating scrubs and brushes, and styling tools for hair and makeup. There’s even a mug warmer for anyone who loves coffee or tea, a foldable makeup mirror for anyone who’s always on the go, and a soy wax candle that’s good for 80 hours of use. (Bonus: You can add a personalized message if you’re gifting it to someone else.)

See what I mean? Everything included is seriously clever and affordable, giving you the perfect opportunity to buy something for yourself or a friend. And thanks to Amazon Prime, shipping shouldn’t take too long.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

Lifestyle — Amazon Keeps Selling Out Of These 59 Clever Gifts That Are So Damn Cheap
by Alexandra Miguel
Originally Published: 

1. This 8-Pack Of Face Masks With A Special Cleansing Cloth

Give your skin a little extra loving with these eight facial masks that’ll help rejuvenate and replenish your skin. Each specific mask is made with different ingredients to help hydrate, smoothen, detoxify, and cleanse your complexion; use the special cleansing cloth to remove the mask when the recommended usage time comes. These masks work with various skin types, and they’re cruelty-free.

2. The Jade Roller Set For A Relaxing, Spa-like Experience At Home

You can use this facial roller and gua sha set to help ease away daily stress from your complexion. The tools have their own unique skin benefits that they provide, and they’re available in stones such as rose quartz, jade, and amethyst. Put them in the fridge before use for an added relieving effect.

3. These Aromatherapy Tablets That Enhance Any Shower Experience

These smell-good shower tablets are infused with the benefits of aromatherapy that’s released as the water hits them. The six scents include lavender, peppermint, lemongrass and coconut, menthol and eucalyptus, pomegranate and rose, and vanilla and sweet orange. Relax, unwind, and drift away from the stress of the day as your shower transforms into a spa-like oasis.

4. This Custom Candle With Up To 80 Hours Of Burn Time

This hand-poured, all natural soy wax candle by Homesick makes a great gift for a friend or as a treat-yourself present. Enjoy the scents of grapefruit, mandarin, and champagne while burning this candle. It’s appropriately named “Let’s Toast,” which is extremely fitting with the scent. If gifting this candle to a friend, there’s the option to add a personalized message in a handwritten note. The candle burns best in chunks of time not exceeding two to three hours.

5. A Mini Set Of Organic Lip Balms In A Variety Of Flavors

These mini, all-natural beeswax lip balms are the perfect size for when you’re on the go, and they’ll help keep your lips hydrated as well as moisturized. The flavors options in the pack are eucalyptus mint, citrus, coconut, vanilla, mint burst, and beeswax. Bonus: The Cliganic brand of chapstick is never tested on animals.

6. This Exfoliating Himalayan Salt Scrub That Helps Rejuvenate Your Skin

This all-natural salt scrub made with Himalayan salt is the perfect way to get skin that’s smoother and glowing — but aside from adding radiance, it can also help soothe achy muscles. It’s even available in different scents including blueberry, grapefruit, and 24-karat gold.

7. A Makeup Mirror That Folds Up For Portability

This portable and compact makeup mirror is a great solution for quick touchups when you’re out and about. When it’s unfolded, you can use the ledge to prop the mirror upright so both hands are free to easily apply your makeup. The cover provides a protective casing when the mirror is folded up, and it collapses completely flat for compact storage.

8. These Velvet Hair Scrunchies With Hidden Zipper Pockets

Each of these super soft, velvet scrunchies are designed with a tiny, hidden zipper pouch so you can easily store a key, lip balm, money, and other small trinkets while wearing them. Each pack of scrunchies comes in fun designs and cute colors to match a low-key, running-errands outfit — or even something more trendy like for brunch or a date night.

9. This Chunky Winter Beanie That’s Lined With Satin

Look stylish while staying warm with this cozy knit beanie. The satin lining of this knit cap helps keep your hair from becoming staticky by locking in moisture, and the knitted cable pattern adds some flair and style while shielding your head from the cold. It’s great to wear as a fashionable accessory or if you’re doing any outdoor activities in the fall and winter.

10. This Patterned Infinity Scarf With A Hidden Compartment

This looping infinity scarf will help keep you warm all winter long, and you can use the hidden zippered pocket to tuck away keys, money, a phone, or other items you take with you when out and about. There are nine different plaid colors and patterns to choose from, and you can style it multiple ways.

11. An Insulated Fanny Pack To Keep Drinks Cold While You’re Out

This insulated waist bag cooler has an adjustable strap to help keep it secure, and it’s designed to hold up to three cans no larger than 12 ounces each. Aside from storing cold cans, it can also hold small travel mugs with warm beverages to stay hot. There’s also built-in storage slots for item like cards, phones, and keys — and the pouch is available in six colors.

12. These Twisted Hand Bands That Keep Hair Out Of Your Face

This wide, twisted headband is stylish and functional — and it’s great for keeping hair out of your face when doing things like washing your complexion or putting on makeup. You can also wear it as a chic hair accessory, all thanks to its vintage-but-modern look that makes it easy to pair with lots of different outfits.

13. This Nontoxic Eye Pencil That Comes In Several Vibrant Hues

This makeup eye crayon adds a lovely and beautiful pop of color. Formulated to be hypoallergenic and toxin-free, it’s perfect to use on sensitive skin types. Made from a mix a mica and carnauba leaf wax, this crayon eye pencil glides on smoothly for every use. Choose from a wide range of colors like lilac, purple, light blue, green, and more.

14. This Travel Cosmetic Bag Made of Leather For A Sleek & Stylish Look

Easily take all of your favorite skin-care products and makeup on all your trips with this leather cosmetic bag. Made out of a water-repellant leather material, you can easily clean off dirt to keep the outside looking like new. You can also take this bag with you in a purse or travel bag, all thanks to its compact size.

15. A Water Bottle That Has An Infuser For Different Flavor Combinations

Take your water to a whole new level with this flavor-infusing water bottle. Add in fruits — like different varieties of berries, or veggies, like cucumber and lemon — to give your water a little pep in its step. The flip-top lid helps prevent leakage, and the bottle holds a total of 32 ounces. Make sure to check out the recipe book that comes with it a start making your own flavor creations.

16. This Multipurpose Face Powder That’ll Help Your Makeup Set In

This translucent facial powder is a game-changer: You can use it to set your makeup and keep your face looking fresh all day long, and it’s super lightweight. Plus, it has well over 72,000 fans who’ve given it positive reviews, and it’s available in five shades (including a few two-packs).

17. A Liquid Matte Lipstick With Long-lasting Wearing Power

This six-piece set of liquid matte lipsticks will leave your lips looking velvety-soft, and you won’t have to worry about the colors fading while going through your normal, everyday routine. That’s because these shades shouldn’t fade as you eat or drink on account of their waterproof, long-lasting formulas. Plus, the six hues provide a range of shades any lipstick lover can appreciate.

18. This Adjustable Makeup-Organizing Station That Rotates 360 Degrees

This adjustable and rotating cosmetic organizer can help keep your vanity space neat and tidy; spin it an entire 360 degrees to conveniently grab whatever beauty product you need. It comes with shelves that can be moved to different heights, allowing products of different sizes to fit with ease. On average, this cosmetic receptacle holds around 30 products and 60 brushes for makeup.

19. An LED Desk Lamp That Does Double Duty As A Wireless Charger

This slim and adjustable LED desk lamp is a space saver that won’t clutter up your desk, and you can get up to 50,000 hours of use from the powerful bulbs. The lamp arm can swing up and down a full 90 degrees, and the lamp itself is equipped with a ton of features such as a time, brightness levels, and color modes. (And don’t forget the USB port for charging a plethora of devices.)

20. These Stylish Windproof Gloves That Work With Phone Screens

This three-pack of stylish winter gloves will keep your hands nice and warm out in the cold winter weather. The outer layer is made from 100% polyester, while the inside is a micro-velvet blend that is weatherproof. With the three buttons on the wrists of these gloves, there’s some added style. Plus, they work with phone screens, so you won’t have to take them off to text.

21. These Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Come In So Many Colors

This five-pack of blue light blocking glasses are a great find for the whole family. The lens are non-polarized and glare should never be an issue (thanks to the anti-reflective properties). You can wear these glasses in front a wide range of screens, including TVs, computers, phones, tablets, and more. The frames are made from a composite material, making them durable for everyday use.

22. An Intensive-Repair Body Cream That Provides Extra Hydration For Skin

This rich, whipped body-repair cream will help rejuvenate and hydrate even the driest of skin, and it boasts a refreshing grapefruit scent. Formulated with vegan and gluten-free ingredients, this cruelty-free lotion is the ultimate solution for skin rejuvenation. Many customers wrote that they “highly recommend” it.

23. This Versatile Poncho That Gives You Multiple Styling Options

There are endless options for how to style this multifaceted knit poncho that features a line of buttons down the side. Made from a polyester, nylon, viscose blend, the poncho incredibly lightweight and stretchy — a perfect layering garment for different seasons and outings. Plus, there are over 18 available colors to choose from.

24. A Satin-Lined Cap That’ll Help Protect Your Hair While You Sleep

These satin-lined night caps will help keep your hair looking fresh upon waking up in the morning. The outside material of each is lightweight and breathable, and the high-quality satin lining on the inside helps keep your hair protected while you rest. One pack comes with four different colors, and there are four combinations available.

25. These Extra-Thick Socks That Feel Like Warm Wool

These fuzzy cotton socks will keep your feet warm and cozy during those cold winter months. They’re made from a polyester, cotton, and spandex blend that feels like wool — and they shouldn’t lose their shape or elasticity throughout the years. While thick enough to be cozy and warm, they are also thin enough to comfortably wear with shoes and boots.

26. This Portable Hand Warmers That’s Rechargeable For Endless Use

This rechargeable hand warmer is easy to power back up with a USB cord. Aside from fitting perfectly in the palm of your hand, it can be kept in your pocket while not in use. It heats up quickly for almost instantaneous use, and it even doubles as a phone charger. Choose from five colors, including rose gold.

27. A Lotion-Dispensing Machine That Heats It Up

This heated lotion dispenser will warm up your favorite lotion in two minutes; talk about taking self-care to a whole new level of luxurious. Fill the dispenser with your favorite brand and scent of lotion by simply twisting the lid to unlock and open it. It’s compact enough to easily fit on your vanity.

28. A Scrubbing Glove That Fits On Your Hand For Easy Use

This slip-on scrubbing glove fits snuggly on your hand to gently exfoliate your skin, and it’s made to fit both left and right hands. The elastic band secures the glove around your wrist to help keep it in place, and it works best when the glove is soaked in warm water until it’s completed saturated. Watch old, dry skin begin to wash off as you work the glove in firm, circular motions over your body.

29. These Hair Clips That Are Also Functional Survival Tools

These multifunctional hair barrettes pull double-duty as tactical survival tools. At first glance, they may not seem special or unique — but closer inspection shows they can be used in a pinch as a multi-use tool. Use it as a wrench, screw driver, or ruler; they come in a metal carrying case, making it a great potential gift option.

30. A Refillable Perfume Bottle That’s Perfect For Traveling

These mini atomizer perfume bottles let you take your favorite scents with you while traveling, and one of the best features they offer is the fact that leaks should never be an issue. Designed to be filled through perfume gauge on the bottom, there is no disassembly required in order to get the liquid inside the container. The plastic peephole lets you keep track of how much perfume is left in the bottle and when a refill is due.

31. This Fool File That’ll Give You Pedicures At Home

This electronic foot filer and callus remover will help smooth the skin on your feet, giving you a pedicure right at home. It comes with two different rolling heads: a fine one and a coarse one. They work together to help get rid of unwanted calluses while smoothing out the rest of the sole. This electric pedicure tool can be powered by batteries or charged with a USB cord.

32. A Titanium Hair-Trimming Tool That’s Easy To Maneuver

This titanium hair trimming tool will help provide an accurate cut when shaping up a beard or mustache. It comes with several attachments, giving you a lot of functional use (despite its size). It has five cutting extensions, four cutting combs, and a safeguard for protection. The kit comes with two AA batteries, so you can begin using it immediately.

33. This Vibrating Skin Spatula That Helps Remove Unwanted Blackheads

This pore-cleaning skin spatula is equipped with four modes to provide a truly deep clean for your face. It has two different silicone covers for the head to provide different cleansing powers for your skin. (The stainless steel spatula can also be used individually without the covers, though.) The powerful vibrations help remove unwanted impurities from your pores.

34. This Grooming Kit That Keeps Your Eyebrows Looking Fresh All The Time

This grooming kit comes comes with four tools, including three brushes for your eyelashes and one for your eyebrows. They’re great for separating and shaping tiny hairs — and when you don’t need to use them, they fold up to easily be taken on the go.

35. A Mini Handheld Fan That Speeds Up The Process Of Applying Fake Lashes

Save time applying fake eyelashes with this rechargeable mini lash fan. Not only does it help the adhesive for fake lashes dry more quickly, but it also helps eliminate any potentially harmful fumes. It’s lightweight and incredibly small, so it will fit easily in the palm of your hand and not take up extra space in your makeup bag.

36. This Cosmetic Mirror With Bright, Built-In LED Lights

This light-up LED vanity mirror can swivel and adjust to the angle you when applying your makeup. As an added bonus, it comes with a detachable magnification mirror that is 10 times more powerful than a typical mirror. The vanity lights are powered by four AA batteries, and the brightness can be adjusted to work best with your surroundings.

37. These Virtual Reality Goggles With Universal Compatibility

Experience a whole new world with these universal virtual reality goggles, and immerse yourself into a virtual world for a visual experience like no other. These goggles are compatible with most Apple and Android devices equipped with gyro sensors. It also comes with a variety of suggested games and experiences to try — but explore for yourself as well.

38. A Styling Kit To Keep Any Beard Looking Fresh & Chic

Anyone sporting a beard or mustache is probably going to want to snag this facial hair-styling kit. Complete with a double-sided beard comb, a special-formulated beard soap, and a straightening brush, many tools needed to style a beard are included. The heated tool has 10 settings, letting it work with different textured hair.

39. This Air Fryer That Will Make The Perfect Fried Food Without The Oil

Get all the fried foods you love in half the time and without all the excess grease with this compact air fryer. Its petite size helps it save space on the kitchen counter or in storage when not using, but it can also hold up to 2 quarts of food in the basket. The results yield perfectly fried foods at home every time without excess oil (but with the ultimate crunch factor).

40. A Waterproof Sleeping Bag Big Enough For 2 People

This double-wide sleeping bag is a camping must-have, as it even comes with two pillows. The outer layer is comprised of a waterproof, polyester fabric, and the filling is a blend of cotton and tetron. The durability of the fabric ensures rips and tears shouldn’t be an issue, either. This lightweight sleeping bag also conveniently folds up and is easy to carry around on hiking trips.

41. A Remote Controlled White Noise Machine That Creates Serenity

This small white noise machine will help provide peace to any hectic environment. It comes with a wireless control that works within a 50 foot range of the device, and there are three different timer settings (but you can leave in running all day or night if you prefer). Choose from over 60 sound categories to bring calmness to your home.

42. These Bluetooth Earbuds That Recharge In The Case

These wireless Bluetooth earbuds will give you up to six hours of uninterrupted listening capabilities when they’re fully charged. Created with touch control technology, you are capable of doing things like starting or stopping music, going forward to back to a song, and even take a phone call using one finger. To recharge, slide the earbuds back into their charging case; they’re made to pair with any device that has Bluetooth capabilities.

43. This Cotton Sports Bra Designed With A Slip Pocket On The Back Strap

You can keep your phone secure and easily accessible, all thanks to this sports bra with built-in pocket. This racerback bra is designed to provide medium support for during high-intensity workouts. It’s made from an incredibly breathable material and can quickly wick the sweat away from your skin to prevent potential chaffing.

44. This Stackable Bento-Style Lunchbox That’s Simple, Yet Functional

You can easily organize your lunch and snacks with these bento-style lunch boxes. This lunch box set comes with a wheat fiber fork and spoon, and each compartment is able to be heated up in the microwave. After each use, the compartments can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

45. An Insulated Water Bottle With Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

This 20-ounce stainless steel water bottle will help maintain the temperature of your cold and hot beverages with it double-walled, insulated build. The Bluetooth speaker can unscrew and detach from the bottom, and the light will glow hourly so that you’re reminded to drink water.

46. A Warming Dock That Will Keep Your Coffee Mug Hot

This electric warming stand will keep your coffee mug nice and warm instead of constantly having to reheat your beverage. Choose from three different settings to find the temperature that will keep your beverage at the optimal warmth you desire with the simple push of a button. It is great to have in the kitchen or on your office desk and comes in a variety of colors.

47. These Open-Toed Fuzzy House Slippers That Help Keep Your Feet Comfy & Warm

These cross-banded open-toed plush slippers have a nice plastic sole to support your feet. They are designed to keep your feet warm, while also allowing them to breathe. Made from faux fur, these slippers are super plush and fuzzy while also being eco-friendly. Memory foam pads and cushions your feet while standing or walking around the house.

48. This Super Cozy Heated Blanket Equipped With Multiple Settings

Stay warm during those cold months with the help of this luxuriously soft heated blanket. Made from a lightweight-but-fluffy fleece-like material, feel the epitome of cozy while lounging around the house in this delightful heated blanket. There are six heat settings to choose from, and it’s also designed to automatically turn itself off after two hours.

49. This Acrylic, Multicolored Paint Set Perfect For Any Art Lover

Start creating beautiful and colorful masterpieces with this acrylic paint kit that’s formulated with nontoxic ingredients. They work on a variety of surfaces: canvas, wood, paper, glass, and even pumpkins — and there are 24 colors included.

50. A Magnetic Wristband To Keep Track Of Nails & Screws

Never lose a screw or nail again while working on a project with the assistance of this magnetic wristband. On the inside of the wristband are 10 small magnets that will secure nuts, bolts, and screws. The outside of the band is made from an incredibly durable nylon, letting you wear and use it while resisting damage from the projects you’re working on.

51. This Wireless Doorbell That Can Withstand All Types Of Weather

This wireless doorbell is made from weatherproof material, so it should continue to function — rain or shine. (It should also work through extreme temperature fluctuations.) The bell can transmit its chime up to 1,000 feet, and there are various tunes to choose from (38, to be exact).

52. A Soft, Hotel-Quality Down-Alternative Comforter

This reversible microfiber comforter is incredibly plush since it’s packed with down alternative, and it’ll keep you cool or warm (depending on the season). This comforter comes in 10 color options and can fit bed sizes ranging from twin to California king. Plus, it’s available in six colors.

53. This Set Of Electric Grinders That Easily Break Up Spices

Simplify the process of grinding your salt and pepper with this set of electric grinders; the stainless steel caps ensure the spices will be well-ground for proper seasoning. To power each shaker, insert six AAA batteries and then flip it upside. Then, the grinder will automatically start working. The bottom half of the grinder is clear so that you know when you need to refill the salt or pepper.

54. An Organizer For Your Jewelry That Combines A Stand & Box

This dual jewelry stand and box organizer is a great solution to keep all of your jewelry neat and tidy while easy to grab when you need some accessories. You can hang necklaces, bracelets, and dangle earrings from the tiered metal rack, and then store items like rings and stud earrings in the two drawers at the bottom of the stand. Even though it keeps your jewelry organized, it also works as stylish decor.

55. This Multi-Piece Sewing Kit That’s Perfect For Quick Repairs

This compact sewing kit is supplied with needles, pins, measuring tape, mini scissors, clips, and a thimble — but there are also tiny spools of thread with colors from the entire rainbow. It’s the perfect kit for an expert seamstress or someone with just basic sewing skills.

56. A Premium Body Pillow Made From A Breathable, Cooling Material

You can keep your neck and back stable and wake up feeling refreshed next to this full body pillow. The microfiber filling is the key to its incredible support, and it even has a removable bamboo cover that can be put in the washer and dryer for easy cleaning.

57. These Scissors That Were Designed To Cut Pizza With

These scissors were designed to slice pizza, and they feature nonstick blades made of stainless steel. The bottom portion has a flat surface attached that makes it easy to serve slices after they’re removed from the pie, and the scissors themselves can be washed right in the dishwasher.

58. The Spiral Hair Ties That Help Prevent Breakage

Not only are these plastic spiral hair ties meant to help prevent breakage, but they’re also waterproof. Additionally, one pack comes with various hues to accommodate different hair colors — but they’re also available in a shade of clear. Over 35,000 customers have given them five-star ratings.

59. These Gloves With Built-In Flashlights

When you’re in need of some extra light, these gloves can work. They’re made of polyester that offers some stretch, and each one was built with two LED flashlights that can be controlled via on-and-off switches. The pack even comes with batteries, which is a bonus.

60. These Pillow That Doubles As A Drink Holder

When there’s no room for a coffee table, you can always set your drinks and snacks onto this plush pillow. It has four built-in sections for cups, mugs, and more — and the case can be removed and cleaned when needed. There’s also a handle on the side which makes it simple to carry around the house.