Amal Clooney Made A Speech About George Clooney That's Like A Nicholas Sparks Movie

by Candice Jalili
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In the hopeless romantic wasteland that is Hollywood, we are left with very little proof that celebrities can actually have lasting romantic relationships. One of those small glimmers of hope is the marriage of George and Amal Clooney. After what truly seemed like a lifetime of bachelorhood, it looks like George has finally found in Amal what he was searching for during all of those single years. And in Amal Clooney's AFI speech honoring her husband for his lifetime achievement award, it became clear she's equally smitten by her superstar husband.

You see, while George, 57, has gone on the record to talk about his love for his wife before, Amal, 40, has actually managed to keep her feelings for husband fairly private. That is until now.

“When the AFI asked me to speak tonight I said of course. But George knows I am actually quite nervous," she started off. "It’s somehow easier for me to address a court on behalf of a detainee then for me to speak publicly as I am doing for the first time tonight about my husband." You see, everyone?! Even gorgeous powerful humans rights have trouble being vulnerable.

“I do with immense pride with all that he has achieved. Luckily without having to wear a white wig," she joked about what she typically has to wear in court. "Coming here I knew there would be a lot of people coming here to speak about George’s talents as a producer, as a writer or original screenplays as a leading actor as a supporting actor."

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“It’s a long list when you have been nominated for more awards than any human being on the planet," she continued. "I thought I should say a few words about his character in real life and why he deserves to be admired not only for what he has done but for who he is."

OK, I'm already starting to tear up.

“There are a few things you might not know about George," she revealed. "First, he is a gentleman. He is a gentleman in every sense of the word and in a way that seems so rare these day and perhaps even outdated. Everyone who knows him, even those who oppose him politically or have quarreled with him professionally will tell you he has not forgotten his Kentucky manners." A billionaire movie star with country boy charm?! SWOON.

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Need an example of how big of a gentleman he is? Don't worry, Amal has you covered. “Every set I visit, I am told by the crew that George sticks up for the most vulnerable," she explained. "His security team told me that when shooting in Montreal George refused to wear a warm winter jacket unless every actor and extra got the same one even though it was 40 degrees below zero."

"The second thing is that George is incredibly generous," she continued. "He is generous with his time. He helps out people who have had the same health issues as him and he writes to give them advice. He helps young people achieve their passion for film. He will visit an elderly lady at our local nursing home if he thinks it will help brighten her day." OK, BRB, GETTING IN TOUCH WITH THE OLD LADY GEORGE IS KICKING IT WITH.

"He has a big heart and he puts it into everything he does whether it is making a movie, hosting a fundraiser or quite often these pranking our latest guests using nappies and a bit of nutella," so he's a big time buisness and movie mogul but he's not too good for a poop joke? LOVE HIM. "George is generous in traditional ways to. By donating money to causes he believes in and spoiling loved ones. He must be the only person in the world to invite his 13 closest friends to dinner one night and give them a suitcase filled with one million dollars in cash." She hilariously added, "Although it must be said the 14th friend is still really upset about it."

Then she got into the passions they share in common. "Even before I knew him I admired George’s working in taking up causes like exposing corrupting in Sudan and to taking moral stances like opposing the war in Iraq when it was far from popular to do so," she explained.

“Recently he worked with the survivors of the Parkland school shooting on their campaign for gun control and he continues to mentor some of them today. He fights for what is right," the humans right lawyer noted. "George shows us all what it is to have a moral conscious. Although George modestly attributes most of the success we are celebrating here tonight to luck, I think it is incredible talent and character that got him here and these attributes make him an amazing husband and father."

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OK, now we're getting to the really good stuff. Brace yourself.

"I met George when I was 35 and starting to become quite resigned to the idea that I was getting to be a spinster," she revealed (and, um, who hasn't been there, no matter what your age?). "Then we met and started hiding out in my London flat and very soon it felt like no matter what happened I would never want to be with anyone else. I couldn’t sleep when we were apart." This literally sounds like the beginning of whirlwind Nicholas-Sparks-level romance.

"And I am told I would display a particular grin and head tilt when reading his text messages or the letters that he would hide in my bag," she added. "Five years later none of that has changed. He is the person who has my complete admiration and also the person whose smile makes me melt every time." You guys. He makes her MELT every time.

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"My love, what I have found with you is the great love that I always hoped existed and seeing you with our children Ella and Alexander is the greatest joy in my life," she continued. "You fill our home with laughter and happiness and that is even before the children have worked out that dada is actually Batman, a talking fox and friends with Mary Poppins." I want a George to fill my house with love!

"I am so proud of you my love. Congratulations on this great honor you are receiving tonight. I am proud of you but I also know that when our children find out not only what you have done but who you are they will be so proud of you too.”

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Boy, oh, boy, are his kids in for one super pleasant surprise.

Here's to hoping we are all lucky enough to find a love like George and Amal's!

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