This Couple's Engagement Photo Fail Is The Funniest Thing Ever

by Candice Jalili
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Brianna Bender Photography + Chandler Lefever

If you're in the mood for a good laugh, Alyssa Snodsmith and Collin Hewett's engagement photo is pretty much the most hilarious thing you'll see all day. Maybe even all year. Maybe your entire life. Ready?

Snodsmith and Hewett got engaged on Aug. 24, and the proposal went down in pretty much the most picture-perfect way you could image. "Collin got all of our family and friends in on tricking me to think we were going to a country club for a relative's surprise birthday party," Snodsmith tells Elite Daily in an interview. "When we got to the country club, we were escorting out to a certain area where we were supposed to be meeting everyone else. However, it was just him and I on a beautiful bridge overlooking the river. He grabbed my hand and was shaking really bad! It took him about 30 seconds to finally say words! And we were both crying."

Shortly after the proposal, the time came to snap some engagement pictures. Snodsmith had already done her research going into their shoot with their photographer Chandler Lefever. Snodsmith had found a picture on Pinterest that she was particularly interested in emulating — this photo of a man lovingly pouring champagne into his betrothed's mouth taken by Brianna Bender Photography.

Brianna Bender Photography

The picture seemed like a perfect fit for Snodsmith and Hewett. "We actually got that bottle of champagne as a gift at our engagement party and thought it would be a good idea to use it for engagement pictures," she says. "We also wanted to emulate that photo on Pinterest because it kind of describes the fun Collin and I like to have together!"

So, they went ahead and tried to recreate the picture... and this is what happened.

Chandler Lefever

Oh, and that's not all. There's also this:

Chandler Lefever

"I was surprised at first," Snodsmith admits. "But things never go as planned right?"

Luckily, the small slip up didn't ruin much of the photoshoot. "I initially thought I was going to be mad," says Snodsmith. "We were probably 10 minutes into taking our engagement pictures when it happened so I thought my makeup and hair was going to be ruined for the rest of the photoshoot. But it wasn't! Thankfully, I also had a second outfit!"

Now, Snodsmith is happy they have those pictures. "We are happy that the pictures were caught on camera," she says. "Our photographer is also a dear friend of ours (and a groomsman in our wedding) and he fell over laughing too. They are just great memories to have!" In fact, she's so happy with the pictures that she thinks they'll "absolutely" be framed in their future home. "Knowing our friends and family, they will probably broadcast them at our bridal showers and our wedding," Snodsmith adds.

Oh, and did I mention the photos went massively viral when Hewett posted the picture on Twitter on Oct. 20?

"I personally did not know the pictures would go as viral as they did," says Snodsmith. "Collin really posted them just to show our friends and followers on twitter. The pictures are a true testament of our relationship, though!"

The two will be tying the knot in June 2020 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here's to a lifetime of hilarious photo fails.

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