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Aly Raisman's Quarantine Mood Is All About Gratitude

by Collette Reitz
Elite Daily

For most of us, the ideal post-quarantine day looks like this: a long, long stop off at a fave happy hour spot followed by an afternoon of bliss spent on the beach. It likely also includes an indulgent dinner reservation with several courses, and lots and lots and lots of hugs for loved ones. For three-time Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman, her post-quarantine plans are simpler.

"I'm actually more excited to have some friends over to my place," she says. Because the motivational speaker and retired gymnast spends so much time on the road when she’s not in quarantine, being forced to stay in her apartment during the coronavirus pandemic is quite a welcomed switch from her usual routine, and Raisman is embracing the unexpected reprieve. From implementing a new morning routine to tending to an impressive garden, Raisman's quarantine mood is about appreciating a slow-paced lifestyle — a change she’s even looking forward to continuing once she’s back on the move.

I caught up with the Olympian while she's at home for a conversation for Elite Daily's How I Take Care platform — a series of interviews with fan-favorite bloggers, celebrities, TikTokers, musicians, and politicians about life at home. Here's what Raisman had to say about slowing down and focusing on the present during quarantine.

Where she's quarantining: Alone in her apartment in Boston, Massachusetts, but still close to family.

How she's keeping her spirits up: Guided meditations, gardening, and talking to friends.

What she's taking away from quarantine: The importance of patience and gratitude, and being present.

What she's looking forward to post-quarantine: Having friends over.

Practicing gratitude has been a game-changer.

In the morning and every night, I have this crystal next to my bed, and it reminds me to say three things I'm grateful for in the morning, and before I go to sleep. So I would like to continue to do that.

I've been really trying to appreciate the everyday moments. I really make an effort to watch the sunset every night. ... I have the time now to actually get there and watch the sky change colors, and sometimes it takes a long time, but it's a really nice moment just to actually be present.

She's becoming a proud plant mom.

I find gardening really relaxing. It makes me feel very present, and so I do that quite a bit. I have a lot of things growing, so I'll sit there and see what has grown. It's really cool because you can see things that have grown from even the day before, even that morning if it's a nice day out.

I don't have anything ready to actually eat yet, but I would say maybe in around two months I'll have a market at my place.

Her favorite quarantine projects are the tasty ones.

I've actually been making a lot of homemade soups, which I really enjoy. I make my own homemade vegetable broth and then I puree a few vegetables and add Silk soy milk for some protein. I find making it relaxing, and I like having the warmth of hot soup.

She's looking out for people in unsafe quarantine situations.

Staying home is an important way to keep other people safe, but unfortunately there are people for whom being home is not a safe place, and there are people who are forced to quarantine with their abusers. I work with Darkness to Light, and they actually created a course specifically for the crisis right now. You can go on their website, take the course — it's free, it takes less than 30 minutes — and educate yourself and get tools to minimize abuse in homes, and help if you know someone who's being abused.

After quarantine, it's all about reconnecting with family.

I really want to get into horseback riding. ... My sister did it for years, so I want to try it with her.

And don't forget about mom.

Before quarantine, with my mom, we were starting to get into Pilates. There's a Club Pilates Studio right near where my mom — my parents — live, so I go with my mom. We do that together. So, I'm really excited about that. Going to Club Pilates and then spending the day with my mom is, it's always fun.

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