Here's All The 'WandaVision' Merch You Could Ever Want — All Under $40


I can't remember the last time I fell so ardently in love with a TV show, to the point where I passed on plans with friends just to watch it. But it took one episode of WandaVision for me to change my tune entirely. The Marvel TV show, airing on Disney+, is funny, romantic, sad, and action-filled — what else could you want? With Season 2 still a long way away from dropping, I need some way to fill the Scarlet Witch-sized hole in my heart. That's why I've been spending pretty much every free moment I have searching for the best WandaVision merch to cover myself in until then. Clearly, my ideal life is one where I'm stopped on the street for a long, fan theory-filled conversation.

Some people like to wear their favorite shows on their sleeves, and there are plenty of options to make it clear you stan my now-favorite superhero couple. However, you don't have to throw on a full Scarlet Witch costume to get the point across. There's a whole world of subtle looks that'll make it easy for you to weed out the other mega-fans. With all the WandaVision hoodies, hats, t-shirts, and jewelry, finding the perfect piece for you is a tall order, so peep below for a prime curation of some of the cutest WandaVision merch out there. But, be careful... there are some light spoilers ahead.

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With all the memes going around about people wanting to get into Wanda's idyllic Westview, a tourist t-shirt for the town is a must. Urban Outfitter's Welcome to Westview Tee ($34, Urban Outfitters) has the vintage-vibe of the TV show and is a fun way to hint at your obsession.

Tee Public's Wanda Weird Tales Crewneck ($30, Tee Public) brings a classic, comic book aesthetic to the series. It comes in eight colors, so you can get the most fitting, go-to summer hoodie possible.

It's only fitting to honor my favorite TV father with a dad cap. A black baseball hat is a necessary staple for every season, but it's especially nice to have in summer to keep the sun off your head and eyes. There's no one I would rather rep harder than Vision with ChazCreatesCo's Vision Hat ($30, Etsy).

To be honest, I wasn't a big Wanda or Vision fan from the movies, but that all changed as soon as I was about two minutes into WandaVision. Now, the idea of getting to see the happy couple every time I look in a mirror sounds like heaven. In Hot Topic's WandaVision the Era T-shirt ($27, Hot Topic), the two look as romantic as ever. It's almost enough for me to forget the pain of the finale.

WandaVision was full of hidden meanings, and one that jumped out was Geraldine/Monica's sword necklace in episode three. After the superwoman noticed the piece, Geraldine/Monica (spoilers) was thrown out of Westview. Now, it's known that the piece is a reference to a new agency called S.W.O.R.D., and even if you're on the fence about them, I'd wear anything Geraldine/Monica's worn. Get your own S.W.O.R.D. replica necklace ($30, Walmart) to show your allegiance.

Let's not forget the pivotal Agatha moment that no one saw coming, and the amazing bop she sang to reveal it. Box Lunch's Agatha All Along ($31, Box Lunch) is guaranteed to get the song stuck in your head. The I Dream of Jeannie-style cartoon is also a great nod to Wanda's love of old sitcoms.

Tote bags are one of the most useful items I own. They're perfect for groceries, a day at the beach, or, well, any time you need to carry anything more than a phone and wallet. The Wanda Tote Bag ($19, Redbubble) is such a callback to retro '50s-style posters that it'll stand out amidst all the other totes already in your possession.

Last but not least, you can also keep things classic with Titanj17's WandaVision Logo Hoodie ($33, eBay). It's a no-fuss way to show the world your fandom, and Titaj17 has over 600 five-star reviews, so you can trust that you're getting exactly what you pay for.