MAC's More Than Meets The Eye Collection With 'Euphoria's Alexa Demie Is Everything

Courtesy of MAC

After Euphoria Season 1 aired in June 2020, the rest of the summer was filled with maximalist makeup looks. Runways, editorial photoshoots, and YouTube beauty tutorials alike have been filled with looks inspired by the show’s bejeweled faces, glitter, and use of colors. No matter which character inspires your makeup, there’s a new collaboration that’ll pique the interest of all Euphoria lovers. Alexa Demie and MAC are releasing a new makeup collection. “More Than Meets the Eye” is available Tuesday, March 3. The collection includes a new eyebrow gel, as well as new and classic MAC eyeshadows on and in MAC stores.

Demie is most known on the show for playing Maddy Perez, the popular, stylish cheerleader, and the actor even had a pretty heavy hand in creating Maddy’s looks — many of them were based on mood boards Demie made herself. “I had a very specific vision for Maddy, and Sam, the creator of the show, loves and appreciates makeup … He was totally open and wanted me to bring in my references,” Demie told

This collab with MAC brought Demie back to her roots in a way; when the actor was growing up, her mom was a MAC makeup artist. “I was going into the MAC store, I think, when I was 10 or 11. She would bring me in and [sometimes] use me as a model, because she would often have to show everyone else that worked there how to do a quick editorial look,” Demie told “Being in the MAC stores was always like a party for me. Everyone was always in a look, everyone was so loving and supportive of each other.” With such a long-standing relationship between the brand and actor, this collection is truly kismet.

While Euphoria Season 2 has already been confirmed, Demie’s kept a pretty tight lip about what’s to come. But, the actor did say fans can likely expect more color for Maddy makeup-wise. Luckily, you can start prepping your new Euphoria looks now with the More Than Meets the Eye collection, featuring two different kinds of eyeshadow in over 40 different shades and more. Check out the line below.

The Dazzleshadow Extreme eyeshadow ($20, MAC) is an all-new formula made for one-swipe, high-shine, metallic color. The shades vary from black to olive green to orange and are all packed with the sparkle you’d expect from a Euphoria look. The product claims 12-hour wear in all 10 shades.

MAC updated its iconic Revamped Eye Shadow ($17, MAC) to be even more pigment-packed for “More Than Meets the Eye.” It is available in 36 different shades with different finishes and textures, so there’s an eyeshadow for every one of your needs.

Maddy wouldn’t be Maddy if she didn’t always look incredibly sharp, and she could kill someone with the definition of her eyebrow alone. You can achieve the same full, polished look with the new Eye Brows Big Boost Fibre Gel ($23, MAC). The product is even smudge-, water-, and sweat-proof.