Alex Rodriguez reportedly had a sad reaction to Jennifer Lopez's romantic vacation with Ben Affleck

A-Rod Reportedly Had A V Sad Reaction To J. Lo's Trip With Ben Affleck

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In case you haven't already heard, the 2000s are making a comeback this year – and so is one of the decade's most iconic couples. At least, it certainly looks that way. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, aka Bennifer, have been causing serious speculation about their rekindled romance, and a recent romantic getaway to the Yellowstone Club in Montana all but confirmed the rumors. Unsurprisingly,Alex Rodriguez's reported reaction to Jennifer Lopez's vacation with her ex was *super* emotional.

"A-Rod is shocked that J.Lo has moved on. He truly thought they would be able to make it work and reconnect," a source told E! News on May 10. However, it sounds like Lopez has been keeping her ex-fiancé at a purposeful distance. "He has been reaching out to J.Lo trying to meet with her and she has been very short with him," the source added. Maybe she just had bad cell service in Montana?

Whatever J.Lo's reasons may be, Rodriguez is apparently not the type to suffer in silence. He reportedly made a point to reach out to Lopez so she knows that "he's upset" about her reunion with Affleck, the source revealed. Yikes! Despite A-Rod's reported comments, Lopez seems perfectly content with the way things ended between them. "She's not interested in rekindling anything with A-Rod and is done," the insider explained.

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However, that does not mean Lopez is always unwilling to give her exes a second chance – and Affleck is proof. Sources told TMZ on May 11 that Bennifer has been talking – well, emailing – since February. Reportedly, Affleck reached out while Lopez was in the Dominican Republic to film Shotgun Wedding. And it wasn't just a friendly catch-up. Affleck's emails were reportedly more romantic than platonic, and included compliments about J.Lo's beauty.

ICYMI, this is not the only time Affleck has praised Lopez's looks recently. "Where are you keeping the fountain of youth? Why do you look the same as you did in 2003 and it kind of looks like I'm in my 40s… at best?" he asked her during an interview for InStyle's April 2021 cover story. So sweet!

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Apparently, flattery will get you everywhere – even if it's been 17 years since your split. (The two had a whirlwind romance after meeting on the set of their movie Gigli in 2002. They announced their engagement in November 2002. However, they later postponed their September 2003 nuptials before calling off the engagement altogether in January 2004.) In Bennifer's email exchanges, there is reportedly a line about Affleck's way with words and how they "own [Lopez's] heart." So, yeah, their relationship is definitely sounding more serious than "just friends," despite what E! News sources claimed on April 30.

And although things look pretty dire for A-Rod right now, he could always try again in 17 years. I hear J.Lo's a sucker for love letters – or, love emails, as the case may be.