You Can Fly To California For $54 With Alaska Airlines' Spring Sale, So Book ASAP

Happy spring, everyone! The sunny season has officially arrived, which means it's time to celebrate the weather ahead. If you're hoping to welcome the warmth with a mini vacay, you're in luck. Alaska Airlines' spring 2019 flight sale is here, and it's offering tons of cheap fares for the season. Weather you're hoping to soak up the springtime sun on the beach or romp around your go-to city, the airline has you covered. However, you won't have the entire season to book your flights, because the sale ends very soon. With that being said, grab your planner and start booking.

By "very soon," I mean Wednesday, March 20. At the time of publication, there are less than 24 hours left to partake in the two-day flash sale. Sure, that might seem a bit stressful, but don't worry — booking your flights with Alaska Airlines is super easy. In order to scan discounted fares, head to the company's Flash Sale page. (If you see a navy blue and white clock design at the top of the screen, you're in the right place.) Underneath the clock design, you should see a small description of the sale and a list of flights that are currently discounted.

FYI, those are just a few discounted flights that you can choose from. There are a lot more where they come from, so start scanning (and packing).

So, how do you scan even more discounted flights? The process is simple. In the upper lefthand corner of the airline's sale page, you should see a dropdown menu that lets you choose your origin city. Go ahead and click on that and pick which city you're hoping to fly out of. When you choose your city, a list of cheap flights should appear on your screen.

Now, I'm sure you're noticing one thing: There are two columns with different plane ticket prices available for each trip. One of them is the "Saver fare deal," and the other is the "Main fare deal." The first option — which is also the cheapest — is restricted and doesn't let you change your flights once they're booked. The second option is more flexible, but it's also more expensive. With that being said, figure out which price is best for you and go from there.

When you're ready to choose your ticket, go ahead and click on the price link. After doing so, Alaska Airlines will take you to calendar that'll show the cost of each ticket per day. At that point, you can choose your departure date and your return date based off of which prices you want to pay. Once you're done choosing, you'll be taken to a page where you can select the exact flights that you'll be on, and then add them to your cart.

See? The process is simple — and if you're hoping to take advantage of Alaska Airlines' current sale, you can do so by following those steps. When you start looking for deals, I'm sure you'll come across some irresistible ones. Some examples include this $54 one-way flight from Everett, Washington to San Francisco, California, and this $69 one-way flight from Portland, Oregon to Phoenix, Arizona. Choose the flight that's best for your vacay and start planning.