Here’s How A Relationship Changes After Moving In With Your Partner, According To Women

by Candice Jalili

Relationships are full of milestones. And the thing with all of these milestones is that each one of them shifts the dynamic of your relationship in a different way. There's the first time you meet, which obviously shifts the course of both of your lives forever. There's the first time you become exclusive which increases your commitment toward each other. And then, there's one of the biggest milestones within the course of a relationship: the moment you move in together. In doing so, you and your parnter

Hear these ladies' stories, shared on a recent Reddit thread, about how moving in with their significant others changed their relationships forever.

Living together made her more comfortable with her partner.

I somehow got more comfortable. He made me feel like I could be silly and dorky with him. I would practice dumb dance moves with him even though I can’t/didn’t like to dance. I still get nervous by myself but when he’s around I really like dancing now.
Date night/ going to parties slowly becomes obsolete and you just wanna order in and watch tv instead.


The experience brought them closer together.

I realized what an inconvenience his bathroom schedule is 🙄
But, in a more positive note: our relationship totally shifted from boyfriend/girlfriend to more of a “you and me against the world, babe” kind of thing. Like something about having a place together that you make your own made solidified our relationship. We moved in together after graduating college, so lots of major life changes were happening at once. It was so... comfortable? I guess? to know that through it all I lived with him. That was my constant. Through jobs that failed and friends that moved away, I can still count on coming home to him (and our dog) at the end of the day.


There was definitely an adjustment period.

I didn’t realize how much my space meant to me before we moved in together. I went from having “my space” to “our space” and that took a little while to get used to. I love getting to wake up next to my best friend instead of waking up by myself.


She learned that she's a little gassier than her partner is.

I learned that I farted a lot more than he did.


It served as a marriage test drive.

I felt like I could better see the future, almost like a test drive. Like what kind of husband he would be and what kind of wife I would be, you settle into your ‘roles’. And this is why it amazes me when people get married before living together, you might be marrying a hoarder and you don’t even know it until it’s too late.


The experience improved their communication.

Our communication improved, even if it's just always keeping each other in the know about the mundane parts of life. And we have a lot more opportunities to laugh together, and I think that's really improved our relationship.


Living together gave her a sense of relief.

I felt like I could stop treating him like a guest. It was a relief.


They stopped having sex as much.

The amount of sex that we had. We used to fit more sex than either of us really needed into a single day because we didn't have the chance to often. We were doing long distance, so it makes sense that since we see each other more, we have cooled our jets.


Living together killed the romance.

After a honeymoon-type phase, we slowly started morphing into roommates instead of a couple. Chores had to be done (and divvied up). We both had stressful jobs and would come home tired and just want to veg on the couch instead of doing anything romantic or going out for a date night. My SO already has a lower sex drive than I do, but the amount of sex we had decreased even more, I think because we both knew we could just do it later. Basically, we fell into a rut and about a year into living together I brought up how, to me at least, it felt like we were more roommates than anything else. Apparently that was very difficult for my SO to hear, and we managed to turn things around a bit. It's still very roommate-y, but we try to make time for the romantic stuff now.


It brought them much closer together.

You feel like much more of a unit when you live together


The things they do together changed.

Made hanging out happen all of the time and it's super great. This did make dating happen less but going and buying groceries and such happen more. Either way it's still fun:)


Thinking about moving in with your bae? Hopefully, these experiences provide you with some clarity on what's to come.

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