After You Move In Together, Here’s How Your Relationship May Change, According To Women


Relationships are full of milestones. And the thing with all of these milestones is that each one of them shifts the dynamic of your relationship in a different way. There's the first time you meet, which obviously shifts the course of both of your lives forever. There's the first time you become exclusive which increases your commitment toward each other. And then, there's one of the biggest milestones within the course of a relationship: the moment you move in together. In doing so, you and your parnter

Hear these ladies' stories, shared on a recent Reddit thread, about how moving in with their significant others changed their relationships forever.

Living together made her more comfortable with her partner.


The experience brought them closer together.


There was definitely an adjustment period.


She learned that she's a little gassier than her partner is.


It served as a marriage test drive.


The experience improved their communication.


Living together gave her a sense of relief.


They stopped having sex as much.


Living together killed the romance.


It brought them much closer together.


The things they do together changed.


Thinking about moving in with your bae? Hopefully, these experiences provide you with some clarity on what's to come.

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