Adele turned 'The Bachelor' into a concert on 'Saturday Night Live.'

Adele Turned ‘The Bachelor’ Into A Full Musical On ‘SNL’ & It’s A Must-Watch Sketch

by Daffany Chan
Will Heath/NBC

Adele made an epic appearance on the latest Saturday Night Live episode, and although she was not the musical guest, she still found a way to perform her greatest hits. For her first hosting gig, the singer decided to spice things up and perform in a hilarious skit parodying The Bachelor. Here's what happened during Adele's Bachelor sketch on SNL, which was definitely the one of the standout moments from the episode.

Adele made her Saturday Night Live hosting debut on Saturday, Oct. 24, having previously only been a musical guest on the show. In a sketch set at The Bachelor mansion, the singer showed off her comedy chops as a contestant vying for love, making a lot of hilarious self-referential jokes. “I’m here because I’ve had a lot of heartbreak in my life. First at 19, then famously at 21, then even more famously at 25,” Adele said, in a reference to her albums. The singer continued on, "But I have a really good feeling about [the bachelor]... I can already tell he's going to be the next love of my life."

Throughout the skit, Adele burst into song whenever she could. When the bachelor gave another contestant the first impression rose, Adele was in shock and started singing, "Someone Like You." The bachelor and other contestants, however, weren't so impressed with the singer's antics. When Adele tried to win over the bachelor by singing “When We Were Young," he cut her off, explaining, “This is a talking show."

After Adele interrupted the bachelor and another contestant by singing "Hello" inside a bush, she realized she may have taken it too far. She decided to take a laid back approach, but it didn't last for long. When another contestant asked to steal the bachelor for a second, she started belting "Rolling in the Deep." It's the final straw for the bachelor, who eliminated the singer. But Adele doesn't leave quietly. She came back for a final performance of "Someone Like You," this time with cheers from the bachelor and the contestants, and kept the song going as a mini-concert for the SNL audience.

Adele explained in the show's opening monologue that she decided to host the show instead of appear as the musical guest because her new album isn't finished yet. Fans had been speculating that the highly-anticipated album would come out in September, but the singer explained in an Instagram Live in August that there's no release date yet.

Though it looks like you'll have to wait a little longer to hear new music from Adele, she proved her classic hits are still absolute bangers on SNL.