Watch Addison Rae's Old Vines On Instagram

Addison Rae Posted Old Vines On Instagram, So Prepare To Feel Nostalgic

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RIP Vine. The video-based platform officially shutdown three years ago, but it's short-form content still lives on in our hearts. Now, TikTok star Addison Rae posted old Vines on her Instagram, and they are so nostalgic.

Currently, Addison Rae Easterling is known for performing choreographed dance moves and lip-syncing (sometimes with her mom) on TikTok. But back in the day, she got her start as a social media star on Vine. OK, maybe not a star with millions of followers like in 2020, but Easterling was clearly comfortable being herself on camera.

On March 25, Easterling gave fans a sweet glimpse into her early days on social media. Her throwback Vines display a much younger Easterling (with braces and dark brown hair), but the same big smile, confidence, and bubbly personality.

"Hey y'all. I'm Addison. I'm at Madison's house and I'm just giving y'all a message. Be chill," she said, before picking up a ukulele. Wow. Vine was something else back in the day.

In another hilarious upload, Easterling attempted to narrate a Vine, but was interrupted by someone yelling in the background. "Stop ruining my vines," Easterling yelled back. LOL. There's a reason the video is captioned, "Vine stars have left the chat."

Surprisingly, none of these videos contain any dancing. The closest she comes to busting a move is whipping her hair back and forth out of what looks like sheer boredom.

If you're wondering what might've caused Easterling to share her old Vines, it seems like she was taking a walk down memory lane.

"One day i’m gonna look back at all my tiktoks the same way i’m looking at these vines and that kinda makes me sad," she wrote on March 24. "One day we’re all gonna make our last tiktok."

Easterling has a point, there will be a time when users post their last TikTok, but many people haven't even signed up yet. But, hopefully, the entertaining app will be around for endless years to come.