Kevin Hart Is Going To Star In A 'Monopoly' Movie, So Get Your Money Ready

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Hasbro

Toy movies seem to be a big trend in Hollywood right now. The Lego Movie spawned its own franchise, Margot Robbie is turning Barbie into a movie star, Hot Wheels and Dungeons and Dragons are both getting the big-screen treatment — heck, even Play-Doh is being turned into a movie! I guess it was only a matter of time until one of the most iconic board games ever was turned into a major motion picture. Yep, a Monopoly movie is happening with Kevin Hart in talks to star, according to new reports.

This Monopoly movie comes from Lionsgate, and Kevin Hart's production company HartBeat Productions is attached to produce as well. Tim Story is attached to direct the movie, continuing his string of movies that star Kevin Hart. Story previously directed Hart in Think Like a Man and Think Like a Man Too as well as Ride Along and Ride Along 2. The pair is also working together on a third Ride Along movie.

Of course, the big question everyone has right now is what this live-action Monopoly movie will be about. Kevin Hart is the only actor that has been announced to star in the movie so far, and his role has not yet been revealed. The actual game of Monopoly does not involve too much story, and nobody would want to watch a movie that is just about a bunch of people buying houses and hotels constantly. The only humanoid figure associated with the game is Rich Uncle Pennybags, colloquially just referred to as the Monopoly Man. Could Kevin Hart be playing the Monopoly Man in this movie, or is it taking a more creative approach to adapting the game?

There actually could be some clue to what the plot of the movie might look like in Lionsgate and Hasbro's past attempt to make a Monopoly movie. Hasbro has been trying to get this Monopoly movie made for a decade now, first pitching the idea back in 2009. Ridley Scott was attached to produce it for a bit in 2013, but that fell through. In 2015, The Truman Show scribe Andrew Niccol was attached to write the screenplay, and we got our first taste of what the story could be. Niccol's script was focused on a boy from the board game's Baltic Avenue who set out on a quest to make a fortune. But since that movie also fell through, it is unclear whether Kevin Hart's Monopoly movie will follow a similar story or not.

Kevin Hart took to Instagram to celebrate the news after it was announced:

This will be the second time that Kevin Hart will star in a board game adaptation, of sorts. In 2017, Hart helmed the Jumanji reboot Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which reimagined the iconic board game as a video game. Sony is now making a sequel to that movie.

There is no premiere date announced yet for Monopoly. Since the film is clearly still in its early stages, fans probably should not expect it to hit theaters anytime soon.